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A home for the asset management CX community


What have we done?

Today, we launched the CX Maturity Initiative Members’ Area, a home for the asset management CX community.

This secure sub-site within connects employees of firms in the CX Maturity Benchmark and those that have also joined the CX Forum with all of their online benefits.

We have designed it to be the home for the asset management CX community. We intend to keep it full of interesting, relevant and fresh content. It is accessible, intuitive, and adaptable as the needs of our member firms evolve.

We have done this because our members asked for a place that would help them stay up-to-date on the discipline of CX in the context of B2B asset management, but also to interact with each other as a community.

CX asset management community

Benefits to our member firms

It all starts with access to the latest benchmarking results that assess a firm’s internal CX capability using the common language of the CX Maturity Benchmark.

If you are a premium CX Forum member, the site will also give you the following functionality:

CX asset management community
  • Research – access to the premium CX research reports and purpose-built tools that will solve the industry-wide CX-related issues. Member firms can then tailor these industry-level solutions to meet their specific needs.
  • Participate – the ability to gauge, enquire and seek insights from the asset management CX community virtually and at any time in pursuit of extending the leading edge of CX in the interests of end clients.
  • Learn – materials, templates, and ‘how-to’ guides that define the fundamentals of CX in our industry.
  • Stay up to date –explore ‘art of the possible’ materials about CX techniques other B2B industries have adopted that asset managers might consider employing.

An industry-level solution for an industry-wide problem

We know that, for most asset managers, CX has become THE differentiator and yet, industry-wide, it could be going better. In the ‘survival of the fittest market’, this makes CX a commercial imperative as well as an opportunity to secure competitive advantage.

Accomplish has the single objective of extending the leading edge of CX across the market for B2B asset management.

The Members’ Area creates the opportunity for firms to learn lessons not just from each other, but also from other industries and from critically-needed research into CX in the context of B2B asset management.

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CX asset management community
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Sean Brady

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