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Accomplish celebrates its first six months


Command of the latest data gives us edge.  We use our edge to be relevant, brief, and gone.

Accomplish’s first six months saw a whirlwind of effort across multiple fronts, as we developed the capabilities our clients need to solve their challenges.

And we are excited by what the next six months will hold, as we continue to grow the team with high calibre talent, and to look ahead to further client engagements and interesting research opportunities.

Let’s take stock, though: what have we achieved, so far, as a new-start ‘challenger consultancy’?  

After many conversations with clients at all levels, we committed to improving consultancy in the investment industry.  

How do we do this? 

Where some of our peers are the consulting divisions within larger firms that have different core capabilities or target markets, Accomplish is purpose-built through research to meet the needs of the investment industry.  This research looked into why 70% of change initiatives fail, and uncovered what this means to the investment industry, and what we can do about it.

As a result, we set out to help clients overcome some of their biggest challenges: 

  • Intense competition for growth
  • Drive to differentiate through digitisation
  • Fee pressure

And their most common headwinds:

  • Unclear ambition
  • Lost momentum on strategic change initiatives

Another of Accomplish’s key differentiators is that, where some consultancies have ‘landed and expanded’, we have set ourselves the challenge of being relevant, brief, and gone. 

To demonstrate this, clients are either boosting their performance quickly with Accomplish’s ‘Quick Fix’ – a range of discrete and bite-sized solutions:

  • Client experience health check
  • Process improvements and digitisation
  • Optimise your cost structure
  • Illuminate a strategy
  • Kick Start your initiative, and give it a Boost along the way

Or they are blending bespoke solutions from our core capabilities:

  • Client experience
  • Operating model design
  • Cost structuring
  • Strategy development
  • Strategic change management

In response to hearing concerns about the experience investment firms give their own clients and its commercial implications, we launched a research project to see if we can solve the puzzle of out-performing client experience.

Emerging findings and client demand suggest that this may be an important issue, with some respondents believing it to be as significant a differentiator as investment performance.

We have continued to build our team, nurturing a broad, deep and trusted team of ~30 associates to address resource requirements and to fill temporary capability gaps for clients. 

Our Leadership Team sets strategic direction and oversees all activities in a very active way.  We continue to gain significant value from the advice and guidance of Sean Brady, and we are delighted to have welcomed Nana Banton recently who has joined us as an adviser to the Board. 

Brand remains important to us and we have deepened our relationship with Joost Brummelkamp – our excellent web development partner who has helped us develop what we believe is a visually striking and fresh web presence. 

Finally, we have sought to maintain balance across everything that we do  and we are pleased to have met our commitment to supporting our local communities.  In particular, we are proud of our ongoing relationship with that does such a wonderful job on Saturday afternoons of creating warmth, community and full stomachs.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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