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Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark attracts 17 firms in its first round


Accomplish CX maturity benchmark

In Q3 2019, 17 asset managers participated in the first round of the Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark. This was the initial stage of an industry-wide initiative that aims to improve the state of client experience (CX) across asset management.

We know from recent research that, across the industry, CX has become THE differentiator and also that it could be going better. Not only does this make CX a commercial imperative for asset management firms, for those who are ready to seize it, it also creates an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

The CX maturity benchmarking project is enabling firms to assess their current CX and to identify the issues they should address in the interests of their clients.

However, the Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark is not just about looking over your shoulder at competitors. If, in general, the asset management industry needs to improve its CX, we must master new techniques from other industries.

We are looking forward to discussions at the CX Forum when we will use the benchmark data to identify the highest priority areas for this focus. This will enable firms to learn the art of the possible from industries known for CX, to discover how to apply new practices in the asset management environment, and to extend the leading edge of CX in the industry.

Join the early movers

Conversations are starting about the second round of benchmarking that will further deepen the dataset and, therefore, its value to participants.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the next round, which will close on Friday 31 January 2020.

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Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

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