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Accomplish Quick Fixes – relevant, brief, and gone


Competition in the investment industry is more intense than ever: margins are shrinking and, for some, the need to adapt is becoming existential.    

But change is not easy, especially for those less-accustomed to it.  And the bigger the change, the harder the transition and the greater chance of failure.  Not everyone will adapt in time.  In fact, about 70% of initiatives will likely fail.  

At Accomplish, we are proud to be winning change management assignments from big-brand asset managers after pitches against Top 5 consultancies.    

We are succeeding because clients value our experience and our focus on helping them overcome their biggest challenges, while getting them self-sufficient again as soon as possible.   

We call this being ‘relevant, brief, and gone’, and when we were in our clients’ shoes it is the approach we wanted from consultants.    

We achieve it by distilling our core capabilities into Quick Fixes discrete, bite-sized and cost-effective packages that are purpose-built for the investment industry.  Examples include:  

  • Client experience health check  
  • Process improvement and digitisation 
  • Smart cost restructures to eliminate inefficiencies 
  • Kick start a strategic change, to give it the good start that will be pivotal to its success 
  • Regain lost momentum to get an initiative back on track 

Spread the word if you know someone who might value learning more.  Or contact us if you’d like to meet to find out more yourself 

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Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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