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Accomplish’s first year


At the end of our first 12 months we are now ‘on track’ to become the leading asset management client experience (CX) consultancy. 

Six months ago, we were in the middle of a research project into the state of CX across the asset management industry. We embarked on it in response to hearing concerns from investment firms about the experience they give their clients and its commercial implications.

The effect of this research turned out to be far greater than we expected.

CX is both an imperative and an opportunity

We found that, for most asset managers, CX has become THE differentiator and also that, as an industry, it could be going better. This makes CX a commercial imperative, as well as an opportunity for those ready to seize it.

The opportunity to seize competitive advantage was not lost on some firms. Indeed, after a speaking event and a guest blog, Accomplish found itself standing alongside a group of ‘early mover’ asset managers.

These are firms that recognise the commercial benefits of delivering a favourable CX, so we offered to set-up the CX Maturity Initiative to help them solve this problem. This led us to focus our efforts entirely on becoming the leading asset management client experience consultancy.

Initial take-up was almost twice our expectations

The initiative comprises the CX Maturity Benchmark and the CX Forum, with participation in the benchmark bringing membership of the forum. 

As we post this blog, we find ourselves in the middle of more research: this time, we are analysing the data from the CX Maturity Benchmark.

As part of this project, we worked with firms to design a holistic definition of CX in the context of asset management. This definition has enabled us to develop an industry benchmark through which participating firms are assessing their current CX against a set of building blocks and stages of maturity to discover how they compare on an absolute and relative basis.

Take-up in the first round of benchmarking was almost twice our expectations and we are looking forward to discussing the anonymised findings with the firms when they come together as a forum in November. 

Extending the leading edge of CX in the industry

When the CX Forum meets, we will use the benchmark data to identify the highest priority areas for further research, as well as to learn the art of the possible from industries known for CX. This will see the group extend the leading edge of CX in the industry.

Accomplish will refresh the CX Maturity Benchmark every four months and conversations are starting about the second round of benchmarking that will close on Friday 31 January 2020. This next round will further deepen the dataset and, therefore, its value to participants.

We look forward to enjoying our second year in business, and to the CX Maturity Initiative helping advance the industry’s CX capabilities.

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Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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