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CX Forum and Benchmark

The European Asset Management CX Forum – advancing CX capabilities across the industry

Objectives of the European Asset Management CX Forum

Participation in the European Asset Management CX Forum enables firms to:

  • Understand the state of CX across the EMEA buy-side sector and inform participating firms as to how they compare
  • Advance the sector’s CX capabilities
  • Seek and exploit opportunities for collaboration on market standards

Why this matters

  • Market forces imply that CX has become the differentiator. This creates a commercial imperative.
  • Yet multiple data sources indicate that the sector needs to improve the experience it offers its clients
  • This creates an opportunity for firms to secure competitive advantage
Client experience (CX) specialists
  • What are the components of an investment CX?
  • What does success look like?
  • How can you get there, and where to start?
  • What lessons can you learn from others?
  • Where is the leading edge of CX in the industry?

The CX Maturity Benchmark

  • Contribution to the CX Maturity Benchmark is a requirement for participation in the CX Forum:
    • Inputs – basic information about the firm’s profile, a CX self-assessment, with the ongoing ability to update your assessment.
    • Outputs – a report on the firm’s relative CX maturity, industry-wide patterns, and potential next steps for consideration.  Firms may also commission customised reports from the dataset. 


  • 3 meetings per year
  • Chaired independently by Accomplish
  • Agenda
    • Latest industry benchmarking results
    • Opportunities to collaborate
    • Highest priority topics for research before the next meeting

Benefits of participation

  • Firm-specific assessment of CX maturity
  • Insight into CX trends across the sector, and how your firm compares
  • Establish connections, learn lessons and collaborate with peers on market standards
  • Reputational benefits of participation

Data protection and anonymity

  • All profiles will be played back for confirmation before being anonymised and submitted into the benchmark. This will ensure your profile could never become known, even to other members of the forum.

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