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Asset Management CX Forum

Asset Management CX Forum

In brief

For almost 3 years, Accomplish has provided the Asset management CX Forum as an R&D capability for the industry. One output has been a behavioral benchmark that has made CX a measurable and tangible discipline, and its users have become like an inner circle of the forum. In response to growing demand, we have decided to focus our efforts entirely on the benchmark and to step back from the forum. We are excited about the possibilities – read on to find out how you can stay involved and how the benchmark could complete your firm’s business intelligence.

An innovation project that worked

Accomplish’s guiding principles are to be purpose-built through research, to have command of the latest data and, in the interests of our clients, to be relevant, brief, and gone.

Almost 3 years ago, we set up the CX Forum and in so doing placed Accomplish’s research capability at the disposal of the global B2B asset management industry’s CX community.

Since then, the forum has shed light on fundamental topics like how client experience works – it is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’ that occurs in what your clients say (feedback) and in what they do (behavior) – as well as how are asset managers are measuring it.

In 2020, we found that one-third of firms had no external CX metrics, and the remaining two-thirds focused completely on client feedback. This raised concerns that, collectively, the industry was over-relying on requests for client feedback, contributing to the low response rates that risks statistical validity, and in possession of only half of the picture because what humans say (feedback) can dramatically contradict what they actually do (behavior).

In response, the CX Forum initiated a project to design a way of measuring client behavior that would counteract the gaps and inaccuracies of feedback data.

Focusing on helping our clients complete their business intelligence

In 2021, this innovation went live in the form of the Asset Management CX Benchmark and, since then, it has grown into much more than anyone expected.

A key feature of the benchmark is that the users are in charge. This gives a sub-set of the global CX community a regular opportunity to hold peer-group discussions based on consistently gathered data. As a result, the User Group sessions have become like an inner circle of the CX Forum.

Crucially, for asset managers, CX has now become a measurable and tangible discipline. Every quarter, more and more firms are now gaining access to insights into the effects they are having on the behavior of their institutional and intermediary clients.

Because of its regional structure across different client segments, the benchmark is yielding trends relating to clients, markets, and competitors. This makes it a unique business intelligence tool.

As we look to the future, we see continued growth in demand for Accomplish to apply its research capability to the benefit of the participating firms. Serving this demand aligns with our guiding principles and, to avoid any conflict of interest, we have decided to focus on the benchmark at the expense of the forum.

Join the benchmark

We are excited about the possibilities and we don’t want anyone to feel left out, so we have created a free version of the benchmark. Check out the benchmark if you would like to complete your firm’s business intelligence.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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