Asset Management CX Services

Ground-breaking asset management CX services

As a discipline, CX (client experience) is still in its infancy. This is particularly the case in the context of B2B asset management, for example, wholesale advisory platforms, institutions, pension funds, etc.

At Accomplish, we are changing this with ground-breaking asset management CX services built on leading-edge research.

We have designed them to answer to the basic question executives have once they recognise the importance of CX: “what can I do about it?”

Our answer?

  • Evaluate your CX capability
  • Compare your ‘effect’ on your clients behaviour
  • Engage with the industry CX community

Lastly, in our experience, when a CX initiative fails, it is not because of lack of technical capability – it is because of knowledge, strategy, and culture. So, please enjoy exploring our website, and please contact us if you have any questions about our asset management CX services. We hope you find them as valuable as we intend them to be – for you, and for your clients.

Evaluate your internal CX capability

Accomplish’s CX Maturity Benchmark will help you discover how your internal CX capability compares to your direct peers, and what you can do about it.

You will find out your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, the issues you face, and which ones are specific to your firm and which are industry-wide. This is important because, as a CX community, we are solving the industry-wide ones through the CX Forum.

To finish, you will receive a customised and objective set of recommendations for your CX strategy that will leverage lessons learned from other asset managers about the likely challenges and opportunities ahead.

Measure, compare, and predict your clients’ experience

CX is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’ that occurs in what clients do and what they say. What humans do can differ dramatically from what they say. So, if you want to measure their experience, look at their actions – they will tell you the true story.

With Accomplish’s CX Touchpoint Benchmark, you will be able to measure, compare, and predict your effect on clients’ behaviour.

Save time and effort by pulling the best practice taxonomy of CX metrics off the shelf. Begin measuring CX immediately using leading indicators that signal emerging trends at each moment that matters across the institutional client journey.

Engage with the industry CX community

As an industry, asset management was a late adopter of CX so the ways firms can exploit it have been under-researched and this has led to misunderstandings.

The Asset Management CX Forum is fixing this problem by providing the industry-level R&D function needed to help asset managers catch up with other industries on CX. This results in better experiences for investment clients.

Who will you mix with at the CX Forum? At the latest count, member firms comprised 8% of the top 400 asset managers in the world.

They represent the innovators and early adopters of CX. Many are ‘blue chip’ global firms.

The CX Forum is Accomplish’s gift to the industry.