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Asset Management CX Forum

The European Asset Management CX Forum – advancing CX capabilities across the industry

European Asset Management CX Forum


The CX Forum is a virtual and in-person meeting place for the CX community to develop solutions to industry-wide problems, exchange ideas, and extend the leading edge of CX across the industry. We ask that all member firms participate in the CX Maturity Benchmark , so as to provide insight into the group’s relative CX capabilties and enable us to track industry progress. 

Why this matters

  • Market forces imply that CX has become THE differentiator. This creates a commercial imperative.
  • Yet multiple data sources indicate that the sector needs to improve the experience it offers it’s clients.
  • This creates an opportunity for firms to secure competitive advantage.
Client experience (CX) specialists
  • What are the components of an investment CX?
  • What does success look like?
  • How can you get there, and where to start?
  • What lessons can you learn from others?
  • Where is the leading edge of CX in the industry?

Benefit packages

Standard membership Free to CX Maturity Benchmark participants

  • Unearth peer-group insights and solve industry-wide issues together
  • Ground-breaking techniques to extend the industry’s leading edge in CX
  • Amplify your message within your organisation about the importance of CX

Premium membership Annual subscription applies

  • Benchmark your alignment with what clients want
  • Sponsor peer-group projects on a topic of your choice
  • Training to give staff the knowledge and understanding of CX they need, as well as the ability to apply it
  • ‘Art of the possible’ events to learn from other industries
  • Best practice guides and support with establishing and connecting the building blocks of CX
  • Programme reviews to get your CX transformation off to a good start and / or maintain confidence that its ‘on track’

Reasons firms have given for joining the CX Forum

Lay the foundations

  • The CX Forum will help us lay the foundations of CX, connect them and get them up and running
  • Clients will notice we have started

Continual improvement

  • We have made good progress with CX and it is now getting harder to improve
  • The CX Forum will ensure we stay at the leading edge of CX by:
    • Developing new techniques and tools for the industry
    • Learning the art of the possible from other industries

Avoid complacency

  • We are already at the leading edge of CX in the industry, where the dangers are that:
    • It will move
    • Our clients will notice if we stop trying
CX Maturity Benchmark_banner

CX Maturity Benchmark

Assess evidence of your firm’s CX maturity, compare it against the industry and evaluate the case for change