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Asset Management CX Forum

The Asset Management CX Forum – advancing CX capabilities across the industry

European Asset Management CX Forum


The CX Forum is a virtual and in-person meeting place for the CX community to develop solutions to industry-wide problems, exchange ideas, and extend the leading edge of CX across the industry.

The Forum is free to all, as Accomplish’s gift to the industry’s CX community. We ask that all member firms participate in the CX Maturity Benchmark , so as to provide insight into the group’s relative CX capabilities and enable us to track industry progress. 

Why this matters

  • Market forces imply that CX has become THE differentiator. This creates a commercial imperative.
  • Yet multiple data sources  indicate that the sector needs to improve the experience it offers it’s clients.
  • This creates an opportunity for firms to secure competitive advantage by providing an intuitive, explainable, and memorable experience to clients.
Client experience (CX) specialists
  • What are the components of an investment CX?
  • What does success look like?
  • How can you get there, and where to start?
  • What lessons can you learn from others?
  • Where is the leading edge of CX in the industry?

What we do

The concept is simple: two heads, or eight, or even twenty are certainly better than one. So, at the asset management CX Forum, we solve the industry’s biggest CX-related issues through peer-group projects and working groups of interested parties.

These initiatives provide outstanding networking opportunities for CX professionals and deliver ground-breaking techniques, like a benchmark of the effect asset managers have had on their clients compared to competitors. And the best thing about the Forum is that, because everyone benefits membership is free.

Check out a broader list of achievements we celebrated after the CX Forum’s first birthday

Reasons firms have given for joining the CX Forum

Lay the foundations

  • The CX Forum helped us lay the foundations of CX, connect them and get them up and running
  • Clients will notice we have started

Continual improvement

  • We had made good progress with CX and it was getting harder to improve
  • The CX Forum has given us sight of the leading edge of CX by:
    1. Developing new techniques and tools for the industry
    2. Learning the art of the possible from others

Avoid complacency

  • We were already at the leading edge of CX in the industry, and we wanted to avoid our biggest risks:
    1. That the leading edge moves
    2. That we get complacent
asset management client journey

Client Experience Touchpoint Benchmark

What effect have you had on your clients’ behaviour? How can you predict and influence their future experience?

CX maturity assessment

CX Maturity Benchmark

How mature is your CX capability? What should be your CX strategy?