Asset Management CX Forum

The investment industry’s CX community

For most asset managers, bargaining power has shifted to clients and CX has become THE reliable differentiator. And yet, in the context of B2B investment management, the discipline of CX (client experience) remains in its infancy.

As an industry, asset management was a late adopter of CX so the ways firms can exploit it have been under-researched and this has led to misunderstandings.

A common phrase we hear is, “we talk a lot about CX, but it means different things to all of us.”

Exacerbating the problem, CX for a B2B relationship requires different tools than CX for a B2C transaction, so it is not as easy as importing practices directly from other industries. Some apply, some do not.

The CX Forum is fixing this problem by providing the industry-level R&D function needed to help asset managers catch up with other industries on CX. This results in better experiences for investment clients.

A forum like no other

We are achieving this goal through peer-group research projects.

As a group, we use the CX benchmarks to identify the industry’s biggest CX-related issues, we create the insights we need through pre-agreed research initiatives, and we use this knowledge to solve the issues with tools that are purpose-built for the asset management market.

As a result, the CX Forum has become a way for members of the international CX community to engage with each other.

Who will you mix with at the CX Forum? Other firms that have engaged in CX benchmarking, so everyone has contributed, and no one is free riding. At the latest count, member firms comprised 8% of the top 400 asset managers in the world. They are ‘blue chip’ global firms that represent the innovators and early adopters of CX.

The Forum is Accomplish’s gift to the industry.

Not a talking shop

Under terms of confidentiality, we meet three times per year to review the findings of our latest research and to agree on the next projects and working groups. Because of this, we always have a live project you could get involved in. We encourage involvement because dozens of heads are better than one and the more organised and knowledgeable you are as a CX community, the more effective you can be in your organisations, and the greater your bargaining power over suppliers.

Examples of CX Forum R&D

Both of the industry’s CX benchmarks came from CX Forum working groups. And we use our R&D capability to respond to unforeseen shocks and to identify the industry’s leading edge and direction of travel.

CX is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’. It occurs in what clients do (behaviour) and what they say (feedback). But what humans do can dramatically contradict what they say. If you want the true story of the experience you give them, measure their behaviours.

How do we define CX in the context of B2B asset management, how strong is your CX capability, and what should be your CX strategy?

How did investment clients’ needs change?
How did asset managers respond?
What does this mean for CX’s direction of travel?

What digital services were firms giving to B2B clients and what were their plans for the future? What effect do these services have on CX, and how were firms tracking engagement?

Other actions you may want to take