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CX strategy definition

Asset management CX strategy

For asset management firms a CX strategy is an agreed way of serving your current and future clients so as to create in them the confidence and trust that comes from a predictable and dependable experience.

"An asset management firm cannot expect to deliver a consistently favourable CX in an ad hoc way. Adopt a deliberate CX strategy to suit your situation"

Adam Grainger

How it works

We advise asset management firms to adopt a deliberate CX strategy

1. Familarisation

We familiarse ourselves with your firm’s current level of CX maturity, its strategy, and the needs of its clients

2. Option development

Develop strategic CX options for balancing these two factors

3.  Assessment of options

Suitability, feasibility and acceptability to your current position

4. Informed decision

Make a recommendation, create stakeholder support, take a decision

5. Communications

Support your internal training, communications and adoption 

What we do

  • Objective identification of the best strategic option for balancing your firm’s needs with those of its clients
  • Stakeholder consultation and support as you navigate multi-factor decisions
  • Give your organisation a common language around CX, help staff understand its importance, and ensure they know their part to play

Why Accomplish is a good choice

  • Command of the Accomplish Framework of Strategy Development is a core capability for our consultants
  • Our emphasis on emotional awareness enables our consultants to create alignment across your stakeholders on the proposed way forward
  • Accomplish staff are qualified ‘trainers’ and communicators and their focus is on helping asset management firms adopt a deliberate CX strategy
Use CX to secure competitive advantage