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CX programme review

Confirm your CX initiative is on track with an Accomplish CX programme review

Situations change, industry norms evolve, and initiatives can lose momentum. The Accomplish CX programme review gives you confidence that your important initiative is still ‘on track’. Situations change and often initiatives lose momentum, check whether your firms programme is on track with an Accomplish CX programme review.

These reviews are suitable at all stages of a programme life cycle and are compatible with all waterfall and agile methodologies. They will inject the flexibility needed to regain and maintain momentum.

“A top tier asset manager’s CX programme had lost momentum. After an Accomplish-led CX programme review … stakeholders were re-engaged, scope was confirmed, team re-booted, way ahead outlined, ongoing check-ups instituted”

Adam Grainger

What we do

  • Check the health of your CX initiative against proven measures

  • Compare it against Accomplish’s latest industry experiences

  • Identify any issues and develop ‘paths to green’

CX programme review

Quick fact:

78% of investment industry professionals recognised ‘lost momentum’ as a common problem with transformation programmes.1

1. Source: Accomplish, 2019. Market research: ‘Achieving Strategic Change

Why Accomplish is a good choice

  • We are uniquely-positioned to gauge a CX transformation against industry comparables
  • Our objectivity and focus on soft skills enable us to navigate the challenges associated large transformation programmes
  • Our approach is compatible with multiple change methodologies, and suitable for any stage of the programme life cycle