Asset Management CX Training

Asset Management CX Training is essential

CX Training is essential to the success of your CX transformation.

You will need your CX transformation to succeed so your organisation can gain a commercial advantage from it and catch up with the early movers.

CX Training gives your colleagues and you a common language, the knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply CX, and the confidence to do so productively.

Conversely, without CX Training:

  • Inconsistent approaches may fail to connect, accentuating siloes
  • Ill-informed CX objectives may be uninspiring, unachievable, and potentially at odds with each other
  • Staff attempts to fill the gaps in their knowledge may leave them with an incomplete understanding of CX

CX Fundamentals

The CX Fundamentals course is the entry-level course of asset management CX training.

It gives teams, departments, and entire organisations the foundational knowledge and understanding of CX they need, as well as the ability to apply it:

  • Align internally on the importance of CX, on what good CX looks like, and on how to become client-led
  • Set informed, meaningful and consistent CX-related annual objectives as part of and by the end of the course
  • Be able to compare the progress of your CX transformation against your peers using industry CX benchmarks

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Why asset management CX? And why now?

  1. Lesson introduction
  2. Why asset management CX?
  3. Why now? What’s changed?
  4. Case study: the anchor client
  5. Conclusions and benefits of the CX Fundamentals course
  6. End of lesson quiz to test your knowledge
Why asset management CX

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Building Blocks of CX

The Building Blocks of CX course is designed for CX specialists who want to take their asset management CX training to the next level:

  • Analyse the individual building blocks of CX in detail
  • Master CX strategies, client journeys, governance, culture, and CX data & analytics
  • Explore ways to assemble them into new solutions for your organization, and to evaluate their quality

Built for asset managers by asset managers

CX maturity assessment

CX Maturity Benchmark

How mature is your CX capability? What should be your CX strategy?

asset management client journey

CX Touchpoint Benchmark

What effect have you had on your clients’ behaviour? How can you predict and influence their future experience?

Asset Management CX Forum

CX Forum

How can you unearth peer-group insights and solve industry-wide issues with members of the international CX community?

Client centricity is becoming increasingly vital

CX Consulting

How can you be memorable for the right reasons? How achieve your desired effect?

Use CX to secure competitive advantage