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serving the investment industry

Accomplish and GenieShares call for help in Tower Hamlets

In April, we pledged to give away 1% of Accomplish through the GenieShares scheme. But is the possibility of wealth tomorrow enough to solve society’s problems today? It depends. We did some research 🤓 made some new friends 👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏻 and we’ve decided to go larger on GenieShares 💪🏼 Click to learn what we found and see the help we need to create the greatest possible benefit.

segmentation for asset managers

Segmentation for asset managers

The CX Forum’s next peer-group project is already ‘at-scale’ in terms of participating firms and new companies are still joining. Through it, as a CX community, we will discover the most effective segmentation criteria, how firms are balancing customisation and standardisation, and how they are managing changes across the client journey. Effective client segmentation can separate winners from losers and it is essential to the post-pandemic direction of CX. Accomplish is privileged to be playing a part in unearthing valuable insights.

Voice of the client

Voice of the client – an industry sample

In a survival-of-the-fittest market, listening to the voice of your client and flexing accordingly is about remaining relevant. It is vital because, even though clients’ needs evolve, your continued alignment with what they want will drive their ongoing impression of your value. In this research, we explore how asset managers perform this function, what is working well and less well, and propose firm- and industry-level solutions for the gaps we found.

CX Fundamentals

The fundamentals of CX training

Remote working just made the biggest problem with achieving a strategic change even more difficult: how to align everyone? As client experience (CX) has become THE differentiator, 68% of asset managers expect to increase the strategic importance they place on it. But for firms to stand-out through CX they must first align on its fundamentals. Accomplish’s CX Fundamentals course helps teams, departments, and entire organisations create a shared view of the importance of CX, of what good CX looks like, and of how to become client-led. Firms can use it to catch-up with the early movers.

asset management response to COVID-19

COVID 19’s impact on CX in asset management

100% of asset managers are revising their overall strategies in response to COVID-19, and 68% expect client experience (CX) to play an important part. This research found that, during the height of the crisis, firms with a stronger CX capability seized opportunities while others moved onto the defensive. Lastly, we were able to use an exceptionally high response rate of 84% to identify the steps firms expect to take as they develop their CX strategies.

serving the investment industry

Sharing hopes and dreams

We have pledged to give 1% of Accomplish to someone in Tower Hamlets through GenieShares. This initiative will forge a link between Accomplish’s hopes and dreams for the future, and those of the communities we serve.