differentiate your distribution strategies.

Differentiate your distribution strategies

Setting your distribution strategies? What’s a good event attendance rate? What’s an above-average sales conversion rate? How many meetings should you expect with your top tier clients? How long should you expect to keep your institutional clients? And what’s a respectable depth of wallet score? Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about why Heads of Distribution are engaging in CX benchmarking.

differentiate through client experience  

Differentiate through client experience

Accomplish has had a great year! We have helped asset managers develop in-house CX measurement capabilities that have enabled them to differentiate through client experience. Read on to learn about the new BI tool that has made this possible, our objectives for next year, and how you can leverage these developments to establish your firm’s CX measurement capability in 2022.

The insurance client journey

The insurance client journey

Across their client journey, insurers have quite specific needs from asset managers, and they behave differently to mainstream institutional clients. As a result, a well-managed client experience could be particularly impactful to these intimate relationships. In response, we are exploring the feasibility of a CX benchmark for insurance relationships.

Client experience kite mark

Client experience kite mark

Words are cheap, so we are designing a client experience kite mark that will let you differentiate your firm from those that can only say they are ‘client-centric’. With it, you will be able to demonstrate your tangible commitment to CX and initiate meaningful discussions about it with clients and prospects.

Segment-specific client journeys

Some aspects of your client journey will matter to all clients, while others will matter more to some and not at all to others. The CX Touchpoint Benchmark addresses this with segment-specific client journeys – institutional, advisory, and wholesale. Pull them off the shelf and begin measuring CX immediately for free.

Our first 500 trees

Accomplish’s Nurturing the Future project has planted its first 500 trees in honour of our clients. As more follow, we look forward to our client relationships growing alongside the trees in their neighbouring forests.

A unique business intelligence tool

We have been a little quiet recently as we have focused our efforts on building a unique business intelligence tool that will be the future of client experience (CX). This is the first blog in a new series that will describe the tool, explore its unique features, and explain how a large proportion of this is already operational and delivering commercial value to our clients.