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Digital indicators of opportunity and risk

Indicators of opportunity and risk

Asset managers are measuring engagement, but they are less clear on whether they are measuring the right things and what they should do with the information. This R&D project will define the digital indicators of client opportunities and mandates at risk so you will be able to monitor them, know when you have deviated from the industry average, and respond accordingly.

Accomplish CX Maturity Assessment

How CX maturity benchmarking works

As demand for the CX Maturity Benchmark continues, here is an explanation of how it works in three straightforward steps: 1) the CX maturity assessment, 2) the CX maturity profile session that highlights the absolute and relative maturity of your CX capability and recommended response strategy, and 3) free ongoing membership of the Asset Management CX Forum.

Asset management client portals

CX Forum’s client portals research

What digital experiences are asset managers giving to institutional clients today, and what are they planning for the future? Which services are the same through a portal, which can you improve, and which ones enable you to generate entirely new value? And how are firms tracking clients’ online behaviours to ensure the ongoing relevance of their digital experiences?

CX maturity use cases

As asset managers increasingly adopt client experience, here are the three most common reasons they use the Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark: “demystify and baseline”, “step back, take stock and check alignment”, and “going for gold.” We hope these scenarios help you understand whether you too could gain value from the benchmark.

Why CX initiatives fail

Why CX initiatives fail

When CX fails, it is not because of lack of capability – it is because of knowledge, strategy, and culture. Check out our blog on why CX initiatives fail, the paving stones to client dissatisfaction, and the features of some eye-rollingly out-of-date cultures.

Institutional client portal research

Institutional client portal research

Calling all institutional asset managers who are interested in client portals! The CX Forum is conducting its next research project into portals, we expect another high response rate, and we reserve the findings of these initiatives for the contributors. If you would be interested in the results and can commit 60 minutes by mid-February 2021, get in touch before 31 January.