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CX Maturity Benchmark

Responding to the CX imperative

Asset managers are falling short of their clients’ service needs, and most attempts to solve the problem are addressing the effects not the causes. Early movers are using CX to secure competitive advantage over their rivals. Asset managers are now using Accomplish’s CX Maturity Benchmark to understand their current CX and compare themselves against their peers.

Client experience impacts firms’ profitability twice

CX strategy – go to the heart of the matter

Industry-wide problems with client onboarding, reporting, billing etc. are the effects of systemic issue. The root causes are a lack of CX strategy, and insufficient governance to control the complexity of serving clients with different needs. CX is controllable and, for many asset managers, it has become the differentiator. In this first of two articles on the root causes, we explore CX strategies.

CX is the differentiator

Client experience has become THE differentiator

For many asset managers, client experience (CX) has become the way to get noticed and to retain their clients’ confidence. CX will also impact your profitability twice – influencing both revenue and costs. Yet our research indicates an industry-wide issue. Asset managers should seize this opportunity with the four-stage response outlined in our report.