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Client Experience Analyst

We are hiring

Accomplish provides client experience (CX) benchmarking for the global investment industry and is currently recruiting a Client Experience Analyst.

Our new CX Touchpoint Benchmark helps firms measure, compare, and predict the experience they give to their clients. It is unique, revolutionary, and in-demand.

As our analyst, you will work with us to deepen, expand, and digitise the benchmark further, while ensuring we continue to meet our clients’ needs.

You will be a valued member of a business that puts actions to words when it says it cares.    

You will become a specialist in CX, investment management, and behavioural analysis.

Client Experience Analyst job description

Check out the job description to find out more about:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • The role
  • Why we are hiring, and why we want to hire a graduate
  • Who we want to join us
  • Why you would want to join a small firm
  • Why join Accomplish
  • Key information about the role

No experience needed

This is a graduate role, so we’re looking for potential. You’ll get all the experience you need working on the job under supervision with us.

3-step selection process

1. You apply – write us a letter explaining why you would like the job, add your CV or a link to your online profile, and send them to us in an e-mail via the ‘apply here’ button. Your letter will be important to us and we will read it and respond to you.

2. One-to-one interviews

Two separate interviews – one with each of the directors: preferably in-person, in London, and on the same day.

This session will give you a chance to:

  • Understand Accomplish
  • Explain what you do well and any preferences you may have
  • Explore the details of the role
  • Help us understand you and your background
  • Confirm whether you would still like to be considered

From start to finish, we expect these meetings to be a dialogue with each person asking questions along the way.

3. The finals

At this stage, we will ask you to complete an online assessment of your natural strengths that takes most people 35-45 minutes. We have completed it too and we value our differences. We will aim to build a team with complementary skills and diversity of thought and style.

We will then meet as a group to discuss our objectives for Accomplish, solve a real-life problem together, and go out for dinner (we’ll buy). The successful candidate will demonstrate a balance of contributing ideas and questions to team discussions, thinking like the owner of a business, and being the best fit. To emphasise, we are looking for someone who will complement our skills, not imitate us.