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CX Training for asset management

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The problem with the industry status quo 

Historically, there was no CX training for asset management staff and, as a result, the industry was not aligned on what CX was, why it was imperative, and how it works.

This was an issue because an asset manager must first be able to define, prioritise, and measure CX before it can gain a commercial advantage from it.

Without internal alignment on these fundamental topics, firms found it hard to recognise and seize the opportunity that CX gives them as THE reliable way to stand out and retain clients’ confidence.

For example, we know from our benchmarking that some are achieving this but, on average, firms are struggling to lay the foundations of CX.  

CX Training for asset management   

Increasing recognition and adoption of CX will require many things, but an early part of the solution must involve giving individuals the knowledge and understanding of CX they need, as well as the ability to apply it.

The new era of physical separation has made it even harder to create internal alignment efficiently and effectively. Yet leaders still need to align their teams, departments, and organisations on the importance of CX, on what good looks like, and on how they can become client-led.

To help Accomplish’s clients solve this problem, we now provide CX Training for asset management staff in the form of ‘snackable’ online packages that allow people to complete their training while juggling other demands on their time.

Multiple levels of CX training

We are launching multiple levels of training to help firms meet their different goals.

CX Fundamentals is now live and gives teams, departments, and entire organisations the knowledge and understanding of CX they need, as well as the ability to apply it across every touchpoint on the client journey.

Building blocks of CX H2 2020 helps CX specialists improve their firm’s CX maturity by analysing the detailed components of CX so they can synthesise them into new solutions for their organisation.

And our series on specialist topics H2 2020 will help key individuals in firms master high-value aspects of CX training for asset management.

Purpose-built for the investment industry

Crucially, all our courses are purpose-built for the B2B asset management industry, with relevant and applicable tools, measures, and case studies.

We’re excited about this development and about the prospect of helping our clients by amplifying their message about the importance of CX and creating alignment across their teams, departments, and entire organisations.

To give you a feel for the CX Fundamentals course we’re offering a free ‘test drive’ of our lesson on ‘why asset management CX … and why now.’

Try a lesson for free

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Asset management CX specialist. 20-year career in the investment industry – from Transformation Director roles, to regional COO positions.