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How asset managers are tracking Client Experience (CX) today


We’re on track to identify the most valuable CX KPIs

In December 2019, we surveyed members of the European Asset Management Client Experience (CX) Forum  to establish the current state of CX Governance and KPIs in use.

We did this because we know from the Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark that the EMEA Institutional market has a particular weakness in CX Governance and KPIs. 

This project matters because a firm cannot use CX as a source of strategic differentiation until it can first define, measure and explain what CX means for its business.

This survey was part of the CX Forum’s broader research project that will identify the most valuable CX KPIs and best practice CX governance arrangements for B2B asset managers.

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CX governance and KPIs: current state
Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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