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Indicators of opportunity and risk

Digital indicators of opportunity and risk

What are you doing with your engagement data?

The Asset Management CX Forum provides the industry-level R&D function needed to help asset managers catch up with other industries on CX.

In Q1 2021, the Forum researched digital experiences firms were providing through client portals to the global institutional market.

One of the key findings was that, while most firms measured engagement, it was not clear what they were looking for or what they did as a result of their measurements.

This highlighted a gap in the industry’s CX capability and created an appetite among member firms to address the issue: which behaviours indicate a client opportunity or a mandate at risk? What is the industry average? And what can you do about it?

As a result, this next R&D project was born – the development of a best practice standard of indicators of opportunity and risk.

digital indicators of opportunity and risk

Capabilities this R&D project will make possible 

Engagement is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’. Disaggregate it into behaviours that you can then measure and analyse.

But what behaviours do you want to stimulate in your clients, and do you and your colleagues know what to do when you see them?

For example, which online behaviours indicate a mandate at risk? What is the industry average level for that behaviour? We will be able to measure this through the CX Touchpoint Benchmark. But what is your firm’s tolerance level and, when it is exceeded, will a red flag rise and someone take action?

Why this is important

Defining indicators of opportunity and risk will enable you to monitor and respond to them. This will be valuable because, through digital CX, you can now stimulate, pre-empt, observe, and respond to client behaviours as frequently as you like. At Accomplish, we believe that’s powerful.

Developing a standard will be important because you will also be able to leverage best practices and ideas, and then compare your measurements against the industry average through the CX Touchpoint Benchmark. This will help you set trigger levels for seizing opportunities and managing mandates at risk.

Defining indicators of opportunity and risk 

This project will see us deepen our application of behavioural analytics to CX in the context of B2B asset management.

For example, how will the holders of different client job roles in different client segments behave differently depending on whether their existing investment is going well or less well? How can we observe and measure these behaviours? And what can asset managers do about it?

We are excited about finding out and about incorporating the results into the CX Touchpoint Benchmark so firms will know when they are deviating from the industry average.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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