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Institutional client portal research

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Institutional client portal research

Institutional client portal research

Industry-wide, some asset managers have a client portal, and some don’t, which has created an important differentiation in the way clients’ consume investment services. Some have intuitive, coherent and engaging portals, and some don’t, which has an important effect on the asset manager’s operational efficiency.

The CX Forum’s institutional client portal research project will determine the extent, nature, and range of functionalities of portals across the investment industry.

The results will be valuable because of the variety of different portals firms have developed or implemented ‘off-the-shelf’, the ways they are using them to stand out from the crowd, and the question about industry centralisation.

CX Forum research projects are free to participate in and we reserve the detailed findings for the contributors. If you work for an institutional asset manager, would be interested in the results, and can commit 60 minutes by mid-February 2021, get in touch before 31 January.

Collective action in the interests of clients

The CX Forum is a self-sustaining community and it is Accomplish’s privilege to chair it. As a group, the Forum has identified the industry’s biggest CX-related issues and made strong progress in developing solutions to them through peer-group projects like this one.

To see what we mean, check out the full extent of our research here, or take a look at the latest peer-group project, which shone a light on how asset managers can gain strategic value by segmenting and tiering institutional clients.

Member firms value the CX Forum because, as CX has become a fashionable bandwagon, the more they understand about it and the more organised they become as a community, the greater bargaining power they have over external suppliers.

As a discipline, CX is still in its infancy. This is particularly the case in the context of business-to-business (B2B) asset management. Accomplish is on a mission to change this by helping asset managers stand-out through the experience they give their clients.

This institutional client portal research project will play an important part in helping firms achieve this.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Asset management CX specialist. 20-year career in the investment industry – from Transformation Director roles, to regional COO positions.