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Investment client journey for insurers

Investment client journey for insurers

What is the investment client journey for insurers?

Insurance companies are an important client base for many asset managers. To align its client journey with their needs the asset manager will need to know how they differ from other client segments.

But what are the moments that matter across the investment client journey for insurers, and what effect does an asset manager want to have at these moments?

The Asset Management CX Forum’s latest project will find out.

Are insurance clients important to your business?

If so and you would like to know the results, participate in the project: it will take 60 minutes before mid-September, and we only share the full findings with the contributors.

This project is not just important at the firm level but also at the industry level where it will help us determine the case for an insurance version of the CX Touchpoint Benchmark and, if so, identify the metrics needed.

A successful approach that yields results

This project will adopt the successful approach through which a recent CX Forum project mapped the key differences between institutional and intermediary moments that matter and target behaviours. A group of firms is now using the results to pilot a version of the benchmark for the intermediary market.

This time, we will develop an investment client journey for insurers: clients’ key needs, moments that matter, and the behaviours in their clients asset managers want to observe and measure at those moments. We will then be able to determine whether there is sufficient justification for an insurance version of the benchmark. Check out the project brief for more.  

Is behaviour a transferable measure of client experience?

This will be the second CX Forum project that will test the transferability of behavioural benchmarking as a measure of client experience.

Wish us luck! And e-mail us if you would like to get involved.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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