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Merry Christmas from Accomplish!


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to your families and you!

Accomplish has had a good start as a ‘challenger consultancy’. Here’s a re-cap of the foundations we have laid in the last few months.

Our aim? To be a best in class management consultancy, helping firms achieve strategic change.

Why strategic change? Because it is hugely important to maintaining competitive edge and yet, with an industry success rate of only 30%, something about current practices is not working. So, at Accomplish, we are taking a fresh view.

We believe firms experience common problems relating to strategic change and we have published our service offering of solutions. To test these ideas, we asked a cross-section of industry practitioners for their perspectives and we look forward to publishing the results of this research in January.

In October, we celebrated Ed Patrick’s arrival, and we held our first ‘quarterly workout’ of each of our various strategies. Ed made his presence known quickly, and recruitment continues for our core team.

All of this has been possible because of the great advice we have received from many, but particularly from Sean Brady. And we’d also like to give great credit to the unstinting support and guidance of Joost Brummelkamp, our web designer and general artistic director.

Lastly, as we approach the season of giving we remember those who have less than us. At Accomplish, we like to give our time and care all year round, and one way has been through our active support of Food Cycle that does such a wonderful job of creating warmth, community and full stomachs every Saturday afternoon.

As 2019 approaches, we look forward to building on these foundations and to helping firms maintain their competitive edge.

Enjoy the break everyone, and see you in the New Year!

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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