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The fundamentals of CX training

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CX Fundamentals

The need for alignment on CX

In Q1 2019, we discovered that the most common problem the investment industry wrestles with when achieving a strategic change is getting everyone aligned behind a clear ambition.  

Remote working has just made this task even more difficult.

In Q2 2020, our research found that two-thirds of firms expect to increase the strategic importance they place on client experience (CX). If asset managers are to achieve these post-COVID-19 ambitions for CX they will need to create internal alignment on the fundamentals of CX.

For example:

  • Does everyone understand why the organisation is changing, what it’s aiming to achieve, and how it will measure success?
  • Do staff know how to apply appropriate methodologies and tools, and feel confident in doing so?
  • Have they set informed and consistent objectives?

These problems are about knowledge, understanding, and the ability to apply CX. 

At Accomplish, we believe CX training is a sustainable solution to these problems that brings both short-term and long-term benefits.

In the short-term, online training packages equip individuals quickly and efficiently with the skills they need. And when a team, department, or entire organisation performs the same training, they become aligned around common definitions and ways of working.

Looking to the long-term, CX Training adds extra substance to messages about the importance of client-centricity, it develops rising talent within organisations, and it leaves firms less reliant on external consultants.

The fundamentals of CX

the Fundamentals of CX

To help our clients achieve this, we have developed an online training capability that includes a course on the fundamentals of CX.  It is purpose-built as the investment industry’s foundation course in CX to ensure individuals have the knowledge and understanding of CX they need, as well as the ability to apply it.  

By putting teams, departments, and entire organisations through the course, firms can align internally on the definition and importance of CX, on what good CX looks like, and on how to become client-led.

As well as sharing this understanding of CX and being compatible with industry benchmarks, the Fundamentals of CX course enables every participant to set an informed, meaningful, and consistent CX-related annual objective.

Why now?

In the survival-of-the-fittest market for asset management, CX has become THE differentiator yet 75% of firms are not ready. This presents a strategic opportunity and early adopter asset managers have already seized the chance to create competitive advantage through the experiences they give to their clients.

Firms will find it easier to catch-up if they first align internally on the fundamentals of CX and develop sustainable in-house capabilities. Without alignment, senior management claims of ‘client-centricity’ could ring hollow for staff. Avoid this by putting your team, department, or entire organisation through the CX Fundamentals course.  

The button below will take you to the course summary where you can also try a lesson for free.

Happy learning!

Sean Brady

Sean Brady

Strategy, implementation, COO, client experience.