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Wholesale, advisory and institutional client journeys

wholesale, advisory and institutional client journeys

In H2 2020, a working group from the Asset Management CX Forum designed a way for firms to measure, compare, and predict client experience (CX) in the institutional investment market.

What’s new?

Groups from the CX Forum are now building on this foundation to apply the tool to the wholesale, advisory and institutional client journeys.


To manage CX, you need to measure it

As more asset managers adopt CX as a way to differentiate their businesses, we are encountering growing demand for CX benchmarking. This is because it helps firms both measure CX and find out how their ‘scores’ compare.

The purpose of this CX Forum project, therefore, is to extend into the wholesale and advisory markets asset managers’ use of behavioural benchmarking to measure, compare, and predict their clients’ experience.

Wholesale, advisory and institutional client journeys 

CX is an effect you cause. It is an effect Accomplish causes in its clients. It is an effect your company causes in your clients.

So, what effect are you having on your clients across your wholesale, advisory and institutional client journeys? Does that match the effect you wanted to have? And how does it compare to your peers?

To achieve this, we are developing segment-specific variants of the taxonomy of CX metrics that underpins the CX Touchpoint Benchmark. This will enable our clients to measure the effects they have on their clients’ behaviour in these different markets.

Some aspects of the client journeys will be the same, some similar, and some different. The current task is to understand the differences between the buyers, their goals, and the moments that matter to them.

This will enable us to identify the behaviours asset managers want to stimulate in them at these moments and to upgrade the benchmark so it can provide comparisons of these new behavioural measures.

Is behaviour a transferable measure of CX?

This is an exciting project because it sets Accomplish on a path to proving (or disproving) the assumption that behaviour is a reliable way of measuring the effect a company has on B2B clients and, therefore, the experience it has provided.

Signs that we have proven this would be that the behavioural tools we have developed for measuring CX in one market transfer and apply to other markets, even though some of the specific metrics will differ.

Wish us luck! And e-mail us if you would like to get involved.

Adam Grainger

Adam Grainger

Behavioral analytics | Business intelligence | Asset management

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