Asset management client experience: 2024 update

Asset management client experience: 2024 update

Asset management client experience (CX) is an ‘effect’ that your company ‘causes’ in its clients. Cause and effect.

You can observe it in what they say (feedback) and what they do (behavior), which you might view as being two sides of the same coin. 

Client feedback is essential but will contain gaps and inaccuracies and is available less frequently. However, you can complete your client insights with the client behavior data that will be in your systems.

The business case for CX is that while other differentiators have become less reliable (product performance, pricing, brand), the experience you give your clients remains entirely controllable, incremental, and dollarizable.

We measure client behaviors as being either gifts of time or transfers of money and, if you underperform at engaging clients, they will give their time to your competitors … and then their money.

The Client Behavior Benchmark stands at the forefront of institutional asset management client experience: it is a global dataset of 30 key touch points that cover the end-to-end client journey.

  1. See, in time and money, where your CX out and underperforms.
  2. Detailed analytics – visualizations, estimated revenue impacts, insights, hypotheses, alerts and recommendations.
  3. Inform yourselves – inform your CX design, set informed targets, and stay informed through quarterly monitoring.

Lastly, CX is art as well as science. Only an extraordinary experience gets remembered, shared, and discussed, so make sure your CX design includes some unique and extraordinary aspects … or be forgotten. If you succeed, it will show in your numbers.

To demonstrate this, in our 2024 update you can explore up-to-date examples from the Benchmark’s dataset of firms taking an evidence-led approach to their CX.

Act now

  1. Download the 2024 CX update (above).
  2. Check out the Client Behavior Benchmark for information about putting this into practice at your firm.
  3. Book a demo to see the Benchmark in action.
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