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Supporting our communities

We are serving the investment industry because of its purpose – the provision of safe futures for individuals and communities.

But what about today?

At Accomplish we balance the present and the future through our active agenda to support both our local and professional communities.

Sharing hopes and dreams

GenieShares celebrates the inspiration and value created by entrepreneurs while closing the gap between business and society.

We have pledged to give 1% of Accomplish Consulting to someone in Tower Hamlets through GenieShares.

Tower Hamlets is a London borough that is less fortunate than but next door to many of our clients.

This initiative will forge a link between Accomplish’s hopes and dreams for the future and those of the communities we serve.

We want to encourage the hopes and dreams of others

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Keeping the CX community together

We seek to serve the investment industry

When Covid-19 hit, we extended our standard CX Forum services for free to every firm that participates in the already free CX Maturity Benchmark.

We are serving the investment industry and we did this to keep the asset management CX community together during this period when client retention through CX will be critical.This enabled our clients to, in turn, give their clients the experience of their lives without having to worry about money.

Providing warmth, community, and full stomachs

We want to make a difference

Money comes and goes. Our most precious commodity, however, is time.

We are proud to give our time to our local communities, because it places us in the society we serve, rather than just keeping us close to it.

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