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Individuals with balance

Accomplish – Asset Management CX Specialists

I founded Accomplish because I was convinced the Asset Management industry needed a firm of CX specialists that that extend the leading edge of CX through data and benchmarking, adhere to clear values, and help asset managers seize the opportunity of CX,  no matter where they are on their journey.

For us, success in this is about striking the right balance:

We are investment industry professionals who balance in-house credentials and consulting experience. This means we are well-equipped to advise our clients, because we have been in their shoes and have lived with our decisions. 

We believe that 80% of strategy is in implementation and we believe in ‘eating our own cooking’. So, we seek those individuals who balance strategy and subject matter expertise with implementation. As a challenger consultancy, we see the dependencies and feedback loops between these activities, which is why we believe they should remain together.

Accomplish’s purpose is to help investment firms achieve strategic change, and we invest time and effort in this. We also know our clients have huge amounts of in-house talent, so we don’t presume that the answer to every problem is ‘more consultants’. On the contrary, we believe good consultants are relevant, brief, and gone, so we balance our time between helping you solve your problems and developing our own business. We secretly suspect our clients may not actually want us hanging around their water-coolers anyway!

We balance work and life. We are clear from the point of recruitment that everyone’s top priority is to look after themselves – they can then use their energy to look after their team mates. It is this effective teamwork that ensures we meet our clients’ needs reliably and repeatedly over time. Lone wolves playing the hero by working long hours until they fall over don’t cut it at Accomplish.

We have chosen to serve the investment industry because of its purpose – the provision of safe futures for individuals and communities. But what about today? At Accomplish we balance the present and the future through our active agenda for supporting our communities.

Adam Grainger
Use CX to secure competitive advantage