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Asset Management CX Specialists

Asset managers are in a survival-of-the-fittest market

CX is here to stay

  • As individuals, our constant exposure to B2C CX sets our expectations of B2B companies
  • This is a relatively recent development
  • We do not expect this trend to change or reverse

What we do

Accomplish is a research and benchmarking firm with deep international experience in Client Experience (CX) in the context of B2B asset management, as well as a range of services and skillsets that are purpose-built for CX initiatives.

We chair the European Asset Management CX Forum, execute its research agenda, and administer the industry CX Maturity Benchmark.

R&D gives us command of the latest data, which enables us to be relevant, brief, and gone in the interests of our clients.

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Extending the leading edge of CX

More services, more users, more benchmark participants, more clients and encouraging feedback. It remains a privilege to serve the asset management CX community.

Industry is losing pace with its clients’ needs:


as many indicators that asset managers are delivering an unfavourable CX than a favourable one1

This presents an opportunity, but …

25 %

of asset managers
are not ready to seize it12

1.  Accomplish Consulting, 2019. Client experience has become THE differentiator:  77% of firms lack a CX strategy, while 72% lack effective CX governance
2.  Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark, November 2019: 76% of firms have not laid the foundations of CX.

Early movers are using CX to secure competitive advantage

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased revenue retention
  • Greater organic growth
  • Targeted and efficient prospecting
  • Optimised operational costs
  • Minimised complexity
  • Unnecessary costs eliminated
  • Lower operational risk

How the CX Maturity Initiative is helping early movers seize this opportunity

  • Defining CX for B2B asset management
  • Gauging the state of CX across the industry regularly
  • Firm-specific comparisons and issue identification
  • Industry-level issue identification and response through ‘R&D as a shared service’
  • Peer-group insight into specific capabilities
  • Learning the art of the possible from other industries
  • Extending the leading edge of CX in the industry

We can now measure CX maturity

  • The CX Maturity Benchmark is live
  • We are deriving firm- and industry-level insights for EMEA institutional managers
  • Additional companies are joining, further deepening the dataset
  • Members of the CX Forum are participating in the highest priority R&D needed to respond
  • Firms are expressing interest in applying the benchmark to new geographies and sectors

Conduct a self assessment of your firm's CX maturity

By completing the short survey below (less than 5 minutes) you can quickly assess your firm’s level of CX maturity.

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asset management CX strategies
Sean Brady

How to develop an effective CX strategy

Sustaining a superior CX requires a strategy, yet ~70% of asset managers lack one. Accomplish’s guide to developing an effective asset management CX strategy helps solve the problem. Firms can use it to diagnose their situation and match it to a generic CX strategy that they can tailor to their specific needs.

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