Measure, compare and predict your client experience

At Accomplish, we run the Behavioral Benchmark.

Designed for asset managers by asset managers, it is a revolutionary business intelligence tool that completes a firm’s BI by combining behavioral analytics with segment-specific client journeys.

Trees planted so far!
Trees planted so far!

“This is ‘miles ahead’ of anything else. Everybody wants to know this.”

A global head of CX

Humans are tricky creatures

We all know that actions speak louder than words. This makes data on client behavior the essential complement to client feedback.

Benefits of behavioral benchmarking

✓ Complete your business intelligence with behavioral data.
✓ Optimize for behavioral differences.
✓ Manage and improve the different aspects of your CX.
✓ Connect your distribution strategies.
✓ Alleviate clients’ survey fatigue.

“This is exactly the type of data we've been looking for.
And what is really compelling is that we, the users, own it.”

A Head of Analytics and Insights

For most asset managers, client experience has become THE reliable differentiator

Over-supply of investment products has shifted bargaining power to clients. Like you, they are consumers in the experience economy too, so they can recognize good client experience as well as its absence. This has driven demand for CX from B2B asset management firms. Unlike other ways to make your firm stand out, the experience you give to your clients is entirely under your control. We all know that “what gets measured gets managed,” so if you want to manage your CX, you must measure it. Exploit the benefits of the Behavioral Benchmark

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our latest milestone -1,500 trees
Adam Grainger

Our latest milestone – 1,500 trees

We are thrilled to announce that our Nurturing the Future project has hit its latest milestone – 1,500 trees planted! And we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a round-up of its achievements and next milestone.

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alleviate clients’ survey fatigue
Adam Grainger

Alleviate clients’ survey fatigue

Instead of just giving clients more empty boxes to fill, analyze their experiences without disrupting them, consult them in an informed way, and discuss your findings and plans with them. Why? Because they are inundated with requests for feedback and it results in a poor experience for them and incomplete business intelligence for the asset manager. This article explains how you can alleviate clients’ survey fatigue with behavioral benchmarking

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