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Accomplish's CX training courses fill a critical gap in the market
Historically, there was no CX training for asset management staff and, as a result, the industry was not aligned on what CX was, why it was imperative, and how it works.
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Asset Management CX Specialists

Accomplish are asset management CX specialists and we believe that: 

A good experience is forgettable. Only the extraordinary gets remembered, shared, and discussed.

So what? At Accomplish we help B2B asset managers stand-out from the crowd through the experience they give their clients.

How? We run two benchmarks:

  • CX Maturity Benchmark  – how strong is your CX capability, and what should be your CX strategy?
  • CX Touchpoint Benchmark – what effect have you had on your clients’ behaviour, and how can you predict and influence their future experience?


What else?

why measure client behaviour
Adam Grainger

Why asset managers should measure client behaviour

Counteract the gaps and inaccuracies in feedback data, save time and effort, and alleviate clients ‘survey fatigue’. Leverage a behavioural benchmark developed by leading asset managers to continually improve your clients’ experience by comparing, predicting, and influencing their behaviours.

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Adam Grainger

How leading asset managers are measuring client experience

Client experience is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’. It occurs in two ways – in what clients say (feedback), and what they do (behaviour). To manage CX, you should measure both. In this blog, we explore how asset managers are measuring client feedback, and how leading firms have developed a much-needed behavioural benchmark.

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why measure client experience
Adam Grainger

Why asset managers should measure client experience

Long-term forces of supply and demand mean that, for most asset managers, client experience (CX) has become THE reliable differentiator. It is here to stay, and it is entirely within your control. To differentiate yourself through CX you need to manage it. To manage it, you need to measure it.

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CX - the differentiator

Industry is losing pace with its clients’ needs:


as many indicators that asset managers are delivering an unfavourable CX than a favourable one1

This presents an opportunity, but …

25 %

of asset managers
are not ready to seize it12

1.  Accomplish Consulting, 2019. Client experience has become THE differentiator:  77% of firms lack a CX strategy, while 72% lack effective CX governance
2.  Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark, November 2019: 76% of firms have not laid the foundations of CX.

“If you want to know your clients, look at their actions – they will tell you the true story.”

– Adam Grainger

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