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Asset Management CX Specialists

Accomplish has deep international experience in CX, as well as a range of services and skillsets that are purpose-built for CX initiatives.

We chair the European Asset Management CX Forum, execute its research agenda, and administer the industry CX Maturity Benchmark.

R&D gives us command of the latest data, which enables us to be relevant, brief, and gone in the interests of our clients.

CX has become the differentiator

Asset Management CX Specialists

Industry is losing pace with its clients’ needs:


as many indicators that asset managers are delivering an unfavourable CX than a favourable one¹

This presents an opportunity, but …
25 %

of asset managers
are not ready to seize it¹

1: Accomplish Consulting, 2019. Client experience has become the differentiator.

Early movers are using CX to secure competitive advantage

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased revenue retention
  • Greater organic growth
  • Targeted and efficient prospecting
  • Optimised operational costs
  • Minimised complexity
  • Unnecessary costs eliminated
  • Lower operational risk

How early movers are seizing the opportunity

  • Understanding their current CX & how they compare
  • Gaining insights into clients’ needs
  • Defining a suitable and feasible CX strategy
  • Implementing intuitive, coherent and efficient client journeys
  • Adopting a culture of client centricity
  • Instituting CX governance and controls
  • Delivering CX improvement programmes
Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark_square
Adam Grainger

Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark attracts 17 firms in its first round

17 asset managers have participated in the first round of the Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark. This was the initial stage an industry-wide initiative that aims to improve the state of client experience across asset management. Contact us if you are interested in joining the next round of benchmarking, which will close on Friday 31 January 2020.

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The asset management client journey
Adam Grainger

The asset management client journey

Early movers on CX are implementing intuitive, coherent and efficient client journeys to secure competitive advantage over rivals. Put simply, a client journey is the single thread that weaves through your organisation that represents your clients.

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