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Asset Management CX Specialists

Asset managers are in a survival-of-the-fittest market

CX is here to stay

  • As individuals, our constant exposure to B2C CX sets our expectations of B2B companies
  • This is a relatively recent development
  • We do not expect this trend to change or reverse

What we do

Accomplish is an information services firm with a single objective: to help asset managers develop efficient, reliable, and memorable experiences for their clients.

We achieve this through asset management CX services that are inter-locking and purpose-built to help firms listen to the voice of their clients, measure their own CX capability, and align internally on how to respond.

We chair the European Asset Management CX Forum, execute its research agenda, and administer the industry CX Maturity Benchmark.

R&D gives us command of the latest data, which enables us to be relevant, brief, and gone in the interests of our clients.

Industry is losing pace with its clients’ needs:


as many indicators that asset managers are delivering an unfavourable CX than a favourable one1

This presents an opportunity, but …

25 %

of asset managers
are not ready to seize it12

1.  Accomplish Consulting, 2019. Client experience has become THE differentiator:  77% of firms lack a CX strategy, while 72% lack effective CX governance
2.  Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark, November 2019: 76% of firms have not laid the foundations of CX.

Early movers are using CX to secure competitive advantage

Accomplish helps firms build experiences that are efficient, reliable, and memorable

  • Common language and industry definition of B2B CX
  • Industry-wide CX benchmarks
  • Solving the industry-level CX issues by developing new tools and techniques for CX Forum members
  • CX community insights, support, and lessons learned
  • Training to align firms on the importance of CX, what good looks like, and how to become client-led
  • Learning the art of the possible from other industries
  • Firm-specific solutions and consulting services

We measure CX and help asset managers solve their problems

  • Both sides of the CX coin – we have two corresponding benchmarks:
    • The CX Touchpoint Benchmark gauges  your alignment with what clients want
    • The CX Maturity Benchmark measures the strength of your internal CX capability
  • We are helping firms develop effective CX strategies in response to what they discover
  • We are implementing our “ground-breaking” technique that enables institutional asset managers to measure their own CX

Conduct a self assessment of your firm's CX maturity

By completing the short survey below (less than 5 minutes) you can quickly assess your firm’s level of CX maturity.

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