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in time and money,

WHERE you out- and underperform at stimulating client engagement?

Asset management client engagement

In the ‘survival of the fittest’ market, client engagement is a vital battleground.

In an over-supplied market, if you underperform at engaging clients, they will give their time to your competitors … and then their money. 

To outperform, therefore, the winners will compete as intensely for time as they do for money.

Welcome to Accomplish, where we are behavioral scientists who run the Client Behavior Benchmark.

Adam Grainger, Founder and MD of Accomplish, explains asset management client engagement and why it matters at the 2024 Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) in Singapore.

Win the battle for client engagement in 3 moves

Move 1. Capitalize on your client behavior data

Engagement is a category of behavior; behaviors are comparable, ‘nudgeable’, and dollarizable; and the data you need collects in your systems. The winners, therefore, will interpret and manage their specific effect on institutional clients by comparing against other asset managers who have also used consistent measurements.

Move 2. Convert 'gifts of time' into 'transfers of money'

A ‘gift of time’ (like visiting your website or attending an event) can lead to a ‘transfer of money’ (like buying) and you can influence the conversion rate. However, if you only focus on absolute engagement (e.g. the highest event attendance) rather than your conversion rates from one behavior to another, you may achieve good engagement but it may lead nowhere. The winners, therefore, will develop strategies to convert ‘gifts of time’ into ‘transfers of money’ and they will do this despite internal organizational boundaries.

Move 3. Compete for time as well as money

Client engagement is relative – in the same way as there is only so much money clients can allocate, there is also only so much time they can give. Because of this, asset managers are in a zero-sum game with each other – not just for clients’ assets but also for their time. The winners, therefore, will compete as intensely for time as well as money.

The Client Behavior Benchmark
was purpose-built for the task

The Benchmark was purpose-built by asset managers to be THE asset management client engagement benchmark. It is a unique set of institutional data that lets you see ‘snapshots in time’ and multi-year trend analytics. At Accomplish, we believe it will help create winners and losers.

  • See, in time and money, WHERE you out- and under-perform at stimulating client engagement.
  • Manage your institutional sales funnel and end-to-end client journey holistically – marketing, sales, and service.
  • Widen your sales funnel for as long as possible.

Built through an industry-wide innovation initiative, the benchmark is relevant to any discussion about asset management client engagement because:

  • It measures client behavior.
  • It shows your effect on the means AND the ends: Promote to sell, Serve to retain.
  • It will show you your relative out- and underperformance at getting time and money from clients.

Accomplish’s playbooks will then show you HOW to outperform at engaging clients.

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