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Leadership Team

Adam Grainger

Founder and MD

A broad mix of experiences in the investment industry – from senior manager and Transformation Director roles to regional and global COO positions.

Sean Brady

Chief Operating Officer

20 years’ experience of strategy and implementation, as a senior officer in the Royal Marine Commandos. 

Nana Banton

Board Advisor

Over 15 years’ experience helping leading organisations challenge the status quo and deliver strategic change. Also serves on several other Boards across industries.

Bank of associate consultants

  • To meet resource requirements, the Accomplish Leadership Team oversees and nurtures a broad, deep and diverse bank of ~30 trusted associate consultants.
  • Different aspects of CX call for different skills. When we aggregate these, we look for five specific capabilities in our consultants.


✓ Data mining and analytics

✓ Strategy development

✓ User experience design and Lean Six Sigma

✓ Project management – agile and waterfall

✓ Training and communications



  • Most importantly, though, we look for high levels of emotional intelligence.
    • This is because CX initiatives, rightly, straddle internal organisational boundaries and success in such an environment requires tact, diplomacy and superlative communications skills.
    • Self awareness also ensures Accomplish consultants stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments within CX through company-supported individual training plans.
  • We select associates rigorously and like to involve your team in this process by including them in our pitches.
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