The Asset Management

Behavioral Benchmark

The global asset management industry’s benchmark of client behavior

At Accomplish, we manage the asset management Behavioral Benchmark – the global industry’s benchmark of client behavior.

The benchmark is a unique source of high-ROI business intelligence that gives asset management firms dollarizable insights into the behavior of their institutional and intermediary clients, in comparison with competitors, and across the different regional markets.

Asset Management Behavioral Benchmark - the Hourglass - buy stay buy more

We use a proprietary ‘hourglass’ sales funnel that we designed as part of an industry-wide collaboration between leading asset managers and Accomplish.

The Hourglass covers the end-to-end client journey and includes strategic and dollarizable behaviors like whether clients buy, stay, and buy more as well as the tactical behavioral indicators in between.

So, for example, you might want to know the relationship between your RFP success rate and your final sales conversion rate. Or even between event attendance and sales conversion. Or between client meeting volumes and, say, average client retention or your ratio of products-per-client. ​

“This is exactly the type of data we've been looking for – clients, competitors, and markets.”

Giving asset managers previously unavailable capabilities - Asset Management Behavioral Benchmark

Giving asset managers previously unavailable capabilities

As a user of the asset management behavioral benchmark, you will be able to interact with the benchmark on Power BI to measure, compare, and predict your firm’s effect on client behavior.

But, while data is valuable, it’s the insights you take from it that are vital. So you will also be able to leverage Accomplish’s Quarterly Business Reviews that contain independent insights, hypotheses, and recommendations.

Typical buyers of the benchmark are heads of client insights, CX, and Distribution COOs and they are using it to identify sources of client ‘leakage’, embed client behaviors into their targets and QBRs, and respond quickly to changes in client behavior.

Having been designed for asset managers by asset managers, you (the users) remain in charge, with the quarterly User Group taking all decisions about the benchmark’s direction and new analytics capabilities. Read about how a group of leading asset managers designed and proved the benchmark. [Under construction]

What makes the asset management Behavioral Benchmark unique?
First, behavioral analytics, because if you want the true story about your client experience, you must measure their behavior.
Second, segment-specific client journeys, because some aspects of your client journey will matter to all clients, while others will matter more to institutional clients compared to intermediaries, and vice versa.
Third, the benchmark’s User Group gives you access to new tools and insights, is a safe environment for sharing best practices, and gives you the ability to shape the benchmark’s future.

“We used to think we ‘did’ insights well, but it turns out we were just paddling in the shallow end.”

Interview with the founder of the asset management Behavioral Benchmark

New dollarization capability, fields, and flags added in Q2 2023

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