The Asset Management Behavioral Benchmark

Because actions speak louder than words

Humans are tricky creatures and actions speak louder than words. This makes client behavior the vital indicator of demand.

As a result, growing numbers of asset managers are embedding client behaviors relating to ‘buying’, ‘staying’, and ‘buying more’ into their targets and strategies.

Here are the most common use cases and associated real-world case studies: 

Connect your distribution strategy

Marketing, sales, and service collaborate to stimulate client behaviors. Define your objectives with client behaviors – to buy, stay, and buy more – and align your underlying strategies to achieve them. Read more, or check out a case study: align your BI with your business strategy.

Target strategic behaviors

The Hourglass provides a coherent, holistic, and high-ROI set of metrics that are vital for business management and target setting. Use them to discover the sales funnel stages where you out- and under-perform.Embed client behaviors in your business targets. Monitor progress towards your objectives by observing your effect on their behavior, and respond nimbly and effectively to a volatile environment. Read more

Make science-based decisions

Use behavioral analytics to make science-based decisions about your objectives. Leading and lagging indicators yield commercially actionable insights. Read more, or check out a case study: a scientific approach to client tenure.

Asset Management CX Benchmarking

Optimize for behavioral differences

Align your business with differences in client behavior across geographic markets and between different client segments. Read more, or check out the new intermediary benchmark.

Complete your business intelligence

Measure, compare, and predict your effect on client behavior. Create a 360-degree view of your clients by comparing what they actually do against what they say. Read more

“This is exactly the type of data we've been looking for - clients, markets and competitors.”

What makes the
Behavioral Benchmark

Designed for asset managers by asset managers, it has three unique features:

Behavioral analytics

Actions speak louder than words, which makes client behavior the reliable indicator of demand.  You can now measure client behavior without disrupting them: fully quant, leading and lagging indicators of your target behaviors, consistent measurements across firms. 


Segment-specific client journeys

Some aspects of your client journey will matter to all clients, while others will matter more to some and not at all to others. The benchmark addresses this with segment-specific client journeys – institutional and intermediary, across the Americas, EMEA, and Apac.


A self-governing user group

Access new analytic tools and insights, explore best practices in a safe environment, and shape the benchmark’s future. These discussions (supported by consistently gathered data) are helping the strong get stronger.


“Now they can see CX in a tangible form,
our teams across the business have really engaged in the topic.”

A revolutionary source of business intelligence

Because the Behavioral Benchmark measures touchpoints across the end-to-end client journey it yields vital and previously unavailable business intelligence.

Accomplish’s behavioral analytics platform enables you to see your end-to-end client experience and drill down into the most important behaviors, like buying, staying, and buying more 

A dashboard will let you see the highlights and lowlights at-a-glance, which you can then filter by different factors, for example, by behavioral effect, client segment, or region.

For those who love to geek out, you can drill down into individual client behaviors and explore intuitive visualizations, specialist narratives about trends and seasonal variations, and relationships between different behaviors. For example, in a particular area, you may find out that your firm is operating in a completely different ballpark to others – perhaps clients are giving you twice as much ‘face-time’ as other asset managers, but perhaps your peers are comfortable with that because their depth of wallet is greater.

The benchmark also helps you keep things in perspective by demonstrating that not all client behaviors are equal. For example, two behaviors – downloading a podcast and saying ‘yes’ in response to your pitch – may both display a large range of results across firms. Even though neither behavior is unimportant,the latter is what we call an ‘output’ client behavior that is strategic and dollarizable. Check out how asset managers are embedding ‘input’ and ‘output’ behaviors into their targets and strategies.

The most cost-effective business intelligence on the market?

Just start measuring

  • Pull the Helix© taxonomy off the shelf and start measuring immediately in a way that you will be able to compare against your peers.
  • Accomplish’s quality checks will give you peace of mind that your data is clean.
  • Receive reports on how your firm compared, across the Americas, EMEA, and Apac, and between institutional and intermediary client segments.
  • Explore key insights on your data from independent specialists, and exploit the power of the benchmark’s User Group.
  • Gain access to online analytics platform to unlock trends in the dataset, analyse relationships between metrics, and forecast your effect on client behavior.
  • Complete your 360-degree view of clients by integrating the insights into the rest of your BI.
  • Read our blog on why we believe the Behavioral Benchmark is the most cost-effective business intelligence on the market.

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