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Asset Management CX Maturity Benchmark

The Asset Management CX Maturity Benchmark – a holistic definition of CX

Asset management CX benchmark

Gain fresh insights into the state of CX

In H2 2019, Accomplish worked with firms to develop a holistic definition of CX in the context of the asset management industry. It takes the form of the CX Maturity Matrix that defines the building blocks and stages of maturity of CX.

Using the matrix to ensure consistency, asset management firms are performing CX maturity self-assessments that are then subjected to Accomplish for inquiry, validation, and normalisation across all participating firms. This process gathers quantitative data about each firm’s profile and its CX maturity as well as qualitative explanations of each score.

Understand your firm’s relative positioning

Our objective is to help asset managers improve the experience they provide their clients. To do this, we can now measure the maturity of a firm’s CX and are deriving firm- and industry-level findings

In the first round of benchmarking, the 17 participating firms managed €2.53tn AUM for EMEA institutional clients across 10,338 relationships. They represented the full spectrum of the industry, in terms of size, breadth and nature of product ranges, and number of clients. This has created a valid, consistent and ground-breaking dataset that we are using to draw actionable insights.

The benchmark is free to all participants.

Conduct a self assessment of your firm's CX maturity

By completing the short survey below (less than 5 minutes) you can quickly assess your firm’s level of CX maturity.

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Now compare yourself against your peers, for free​

Book a 60-minute validation session with Accomplish so we can understand your scores, normalise them across all participating firms (if necessary), and gather some additional profile information. This would give us the information we will need to develop a customised report on your firm’s absolute and relative CX maturity.

Next steps for the Asset Management CX Maturity Benchmark

Three refreshes each year ensure the insights are always be up-to-date, and conversations with additional firms about joining indicate that the number of participants could double in 2020.

We are now live with an upgraded version of the data gathering process, which is bringing greater granularity to the self-assessment and validation process.  These developments will deepen and enrich the dataset and enable new levels of sophisticated analytics, which will further increase the value of the benchmark.

Looking ahead, participants are already expressing interest in applying the benchmark to other regions and sectors. This makes absolute sense to us.

Participating firms are eligible to join the CX Forum in order to review the latest benchmarking data, to set and benefit from the R&D agenda, and to extend the leading edge of CX in the industry.

Reasons for participating in the CX Maturity Benchmark

  • Discover the components of an investment CX
  • Find out what good looks like and how your firm compares
  • Gain an independent perspective on improvements you might wish to consider
  • It’s free

Data protection and anonymity​

Here is an extract from our terms of membership

  • Accomplish uses firms’ submissions to create bespoke reports and to continually develop the Benchmark, which tracks aggregated industry performance.
  • We treat all submissions as confidential information and use them only for the stated purposes.
  • All submissions are anonymised and your profile and scores will not be made available to other members of the CX Maturity Initiative or, indeed, to anyone.
Asset Management CX Forum

CX Forum

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