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Asset Management CX Maturity Benchmark

The Asset Management CX Maturity Benchmark – a holistic measure of your CX capability

Adopt a deliberate CX strategy

Why CX maturity matters

In the survival-of-the-fittest investment market in which firms’ traditional ways of differentiating themselves have become unreliable, CX has become THE reliable differentiator

The early adopters in the B2B asset management industry are already using CX to boost their profitability on two levels. They are improving their top-line productivity through greater satisfaction, greater organic growth, and more efficient prospecting, and they are optimising their operational costs through efficient, intuitive, and coherent client journeys.

The good news is that CX is entirely within your control and to differentiate yourself through it you need to manage it. To manage it, you need to measure it.

How does your CX maturity compare?

Asset Management CX Benchmark

A unique dataset powers the Client Experience Maturity Benchmark, which Accomplish designed with members of the Asset Management CX Forum to give the industry a common language of CX, its building blocks, and measurable stages of maturity.


For example, if CX is an effect you cause in your clients, what effect do you want to have, at what point, how will you measure it, how will your organisation create it, and what data and insights will you need?


Asset managers are using the benchmark to compare the strength of their CX capabilities, to baseline their CX transformations, and to develop relevant and feasible CX strategies.  To help you understand whether you too could gain value from the benchmark, here are the three most common use cases:

Use the Client Experience Maturity Benchmark to find out

Learn how others define good CX – we have proven the building blocks and stages of maturity across investment firms of all sizes and shapes. You can use the benchmark to gain immediate access to how the firms at the leading edge of CX believe what good looks like

Compare yourself against the leaders, the laggards and the industry average CX in a B2B environment is more challenging than in a B2C context and, for many asset managers, it has required a cultural shift. The Client Experience Maturity Benchmark will gauge your progress on this journey relative (anonymously) to other firms, and it will separate the firm-specific challenges your organisation faces from the industry-wide issues, which the members of the CX Forum are solving collaboratively.

Gain recommended goals and approaches for your CX strategy – at Accomplish, we are privileged to hold the trusted positions of benchmarking many asset managers and chairing the industry forum. This enables us to recommend goals and approaches for your CX strategy that will match your starting position, ambition, and sphere of influence as well as be independent and informed by insight into the CX arrangements in place across the industry. Your CX strategy matters, because the firms that dominate the leader board of total CX maturity have a clear strategy that aligns their organisation with what their clients want, and their desired effect on them.

How it works

Asset Management CX Benchmark

It only takes three easy steps to benefit from the Client Experience Maturity Benchmark:

  1. CX maturity assessment – Accomplish will conduct structured interviews with a representative sample of stakeholders of your choice to perform an objective CX Maturity Assessment.
  2. CX maturity profile session – we will then normalise and analyse your firm’s CX maturity profile and develop a customised report that will articulate the absolute and relative maturity of your CX capability, any issues you face, and recommended goals and approaches for your CX strategy.
  3. Gain free membership of the Asset Management CX Forum through which the international CX community solves the biggest industry-wide issues together – giving them higher quality solutions and saving them the time and resource it would take to act alone.

Place yourself in good company

By November 2020, 20 asset management firms, responsible for $3.5tn AUM across over 11.5k institutional relationships, had taken advantage of the Client Experience Maturity Benchmark.

asset management client journey

CX Touchpoint Benchmark

What effect have you had on your clients’ behaviour? How can you predict and influence their future experience?

Asset Management CX Forum

CX Forum

How can you unearth peer-group insights and solve industry-wide issues with members of the international CX community?