Client Experience Touchpoint Benchmark

Stand out from the crowd

Use the Client Experience Touchpoint Benchmark
to provide extraordinary experiences for your clients.

That’s CX.


Because the competition for AUM is intense, because CX has become THE reliable differentiator, and it is here to stay, and because good CX is forgettable.

So, only the extraordinary gets remembered, shared, and discussed.

How you can differentiate your firm through CX

Use the Client Experience Touchpoint Benchmark to find out how your end-to-end client journey compares. Only then will you be able to determine where and how you should do something that will make you stand out.

Additionally, you will be able to track your progress against your peers, and to promote publicly your commitment to your clients’ experience.

CX is an ‘effect’ you ‘cause’

Some benchmarks measure indicators of ‘cause’ and others help you track ‘effect’. ‘Cause’ KPIs relate to your operational and service performance. They are important, but there is a limit to their value unless you also know the ‘effect’ your actions had on your clients. If you do not track this, then ‘so what?’ You would have done some stuff and measured it, but you wouldn’t know its effect.

What you can do with this benchmark

Measure, compare, and predict your clients’ experience.

Manage the different aspects of your CX. For example, what would you do in response to:

  • Being above or below average?
  • Being best or worst at a particular touchpoint?
  • Discovering that other firms are in a completely different ballpark to you at the moments that matter?
  • Mismatches between how relevant, convenient, or responsive you wanted to be and how well others are doing?
  • Learning that your effect on one client segment is different to another?

In contrast to the asset managers who can only say they are ‘client-centric’, you will be able to demonstrate publicly that you ‘walk the talk’ on CX.

What makes the
Client Experience Touchpoint Benchmark

It has five unique features:

Behavioural analysis

Because actions speak louder than words, if you want the true story about your client experience you must measure their behaviour as well as their feedback. A taxonomy that we call the Helix© defines the moments that matter, target behaviours, and CX metrics. 


Segment-specific client journeys

Some aspects of your client journey will matter to all clients, while others will matter more to some and not at all to others. The CX Touchpoint Benchmark addresses this with segment-specific client journeys – institutional, advisory, and wholesale.


Exploit the power of the User Group

You and your peers will direct the data and tools you need, share best practices, and synthesize new solutions. The strong are getting stronger.


Client experience kite mark

Differentiate your firm from those that can only say they are ‘client-centric’: demonstrate your tangible commitment to CX and be able to initiate meaningful discussions about it with clients and prospects.


Just start measuring CX for free

Use our freemium business model to start measuring basic CX immediately for free. This will develop your CX measurement capability that you would be able to roll out more broadly.


Ways to engage

This benchmark was designed for asset managers by asset managers through an R&D project run by the industry CX Forum. As a result, we have developed different ways you can use it depending on the maturity of your current CX measurement capability.

Option 1: Just start measuring CX for free

Pull the Helix© off the shelf and start measuring immediately in a way that you will be able to compare against your peers. Accomplish’s quality checks will give you peace of mind that your data is clean. Receive our Snapshot Reports on how your firm compared at a point in time, in one region, and for one client segment. Explore your findings with Accomplish’s CX specialists at data interpretation sessions, and exploit the power of the benchmark’s User Group.

Option 2: Gain access to advanced analytics

Become a premium client to explore extra regions, add new client segments, and access the time series of data on our online analytics platform (due H1 2022). This will enable you to unlock trends in the data, analyse relationships between metrics, and predict and influence your effect on client behaviour.

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