asset management CX strategies

How to develop an effective CX strategy

Sustaining a superior CX requires a strategy, yet ~70% of asset managers lack one. Accomplish’s guide to developing an effective asset management CX strategy helps solve the problem. Firms can use it to diagnose their situation and match it to a generic CX strategy that they can tailor to their specific needs.

CX asset management community

A home for the asset management CX community

The CX Maturity Initiative Members’ Area is now live as the secure home for the asset management CX community. It creates the opportunity for firms to learn lessons not just from each other, but also from other industries and from critically-needed research into CX in the context of B2B asset management.

CX in a B2B environment

B2B client experience (CX) is different to B2C

As individuals, our transactions with B2C firms have taught us to expect outstanding client experience (CX). However, CX in a B2B relationship has additional features to it over and above B2C and they make B2B CX more complicated and protracted, but still entirely achievable if you use an appropriate model.

How client experience works

How client experience works

CX operates on the emotional level where, when it comes to decisions about buying, staying and to consuming more, a good experience is forgettable and only the extraordinary counts. This is a huge opportunity for those asset managers who are ready to seize it.

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