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Our first 500 trees

Trees planted so far!

Nurturing the Future

In July, Accomplish launched its third community project – Nurturing the Future – and we wanted to take this opportunity to record our progress: we have planted our first 500 trees.

The project is simple: as Accomplish’s gift, we now honour every client by planting trees in their local states, départments, counties, etc. We do this to mark our relationships with something physical, in our common interest, and that will grow alongside our relationships.

From a personal perspective, it is fun for us to research all the different reforestation projects around the world and find ones in areas of importance to our clients.

Our first 500 trees

We have planted our first 500 trees at the One Tree Planted project in California.

In the last few years, wildfires have consumed around 4.3 million acres of once-thriving forests. This means, collectively, we need to restore hundreds of millions of trees in California alone. This is an issue because trees are vital: they give us oxygen, they store carbon, they protect fertile soil from being washed and blown away, and they provide habitats that sustain biodiversity.

Our contribution will be spread across multiple species – including redwoods, maples, willows, birches, and giant sequoias. It will also help the foresters improve vegetation planning and help to reduce the risk of future fires and floods.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

The asset management industry that Accomplish serves provides safe futures for individuals and communities.

But what about today? To enjoy anything in the long run, people must first survive and thrive in the short run. Therefore, we seek community projects that help us balance the present and the future.

Our first 500 trees are a drop in the bucket, but they are our drop – the first step in our thousand-mile journey. As more trees follow, we look forward to our client relationships growing alongside the trees in their neighbouring forests.

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