CX Maturity Benchmark – findings

Fresh and actionable insights into the state of CX

What we did

In H2 2019, we created the CX Maturity Benchmark through which we are now measuring CX maturity in the context of the institutional asset management market. 


In a survival-of-the-fittest-market, CX is both an opportunity and a commercial imperative. 

What was the result?

This research project resulted in a valid, consistent and ground-breaking dataset that gives a holistic view of the state of CX in the industry. As a result, we now have a common language and definition of CX in the context of B2B asset management. Participating firms learned about their absolute and relative CX maturity and were able to recognise firm-specific and industry-wide issues.

What were the main findings?

  • The detailed findings and response plans are for the participating firms but, in line with other research findings1,2, this first round of benchmarking discovered that 76% of firms have not laid the foundations of CX.
  • There is work to be done on each of the building blocks of CX, with data-related weaknesses needing particular attention. This is because they risk undermining efforts in other areas by creating the possibility that reality differs from policy.
  • Interestingly, the benchmarking data demonstrates that laying the foundations of a favourable CX (and more) is perfectly possible, just not the norm.

What are the immediate next steps?

Command of this data has enabled us to develop a purpose-built plan of R&D for the CX Forum that will deliver the new capabilities and tools they will need to address the detailed benchmark findings.

Looking further ahead

Member firms will be able to track their progress through regular refreshes of the benchmark.

We are talking with additional asset managers who would like to join future rounds of benchmarking. This will deepen the dataset and the richness of its findings.

Looking further ahead, participants are already expressing interest in applying the benchmark to other regions and sectors. This makes absolute sense to us.

Asset Management CX Forum

CX Forum

How can we solve industry-wide issues? And what are others doing?

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CX Maturity Benchmark

A holistic definition of CX in the context of B2B asset management. It is based on the different building blocks and stages of maturity of CX. It is refreshed 3 times per year.

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