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CX maturity assessment

Accomplish CX Maturity Assessment

The Accomplish CX maturity assessment helps firms secure competitive advantage.

Multi-decade trends of over-supply in the market have, for most asset managers, all but eliminated their ability to differentiate themselves based on either product performance or pricing (Bloomberg, 2019). For most, CX is a commercial imperative and it has become the differentiator.

Through the European Asset Management CX Forum, Accomplish is working with both early movers and firms with ambition to differentiate through CX. The group’s current focus is on establishing the industry CX Maturity Benchmark.

How it works

1. Holistic assessment via Accomplish's market-leading CX Maturity Matrix

3. Customised ‘next steps’ based on your current position and ambitions

CX maturity assessment

What we do

  • Assess evidence of your firm’s CX maturity, including any planned or in-flight initiatives
  • Compare your firm’s CX against the industry
  • Evaluate the case for change and recommend potential ‘next steps’ from your current position

Why Accomplish is a good choice

  • The Accomplish CX Maturity Benchmark allows us to compare your CX arrangements against the industry
  • Our experience in implementing multiple CX initiatives for asset managers gives us knowledge of how to achieve success from different starting points
  • Our R&D support for the European Asset Management CX Forum keeps us at the leading edge of new developments in the industry
Use CX to secure competitive advantage