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Accomplish’s client experience analyst

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I am Jonathan Ronald Attoh (Jon), Accomplish’s Client Experience Analyst. It is with great joy and excitement that I write this blog to introduce myself and give you insights into who I am, my responsibilities, and what I intend to achieve. 

Accomplish’s client experience analyst

My responsibilities as Accomplish’s client experience analyst, will be a combination of client-facing responsibilities and internal responsibilities. 

My client-facing responsibilities will involve me working day-to-day as a point of contact for all our clients and stakeholders as we serve their current and future CX benchmarking needs. I will also be interacting with them through our blogs, newsletters, and other online posts, and I am already enjoying working with Joost Brummelkamp our amazing web designer. I am particularly looking forward to playing my part in planting hundreds and thousands of trees in honour of our client relationships. 

For my internal responsibilities, I will be performing data analysis on the experiences they have given to their clients to draw key insights for them and create stories of their CX through data visualisations. I will also be performing quality checks on our clients’ data to ensure we maintain the integrity of the Helix – the taxonomy that drives our benchmark. I am also a software engineer, so I am excited that the role allows me to digitise the investment industry’s client experience benchmark.  

Who am I?

Prior to becoming Accomplish’s client experience analyst, I graduated from Cardiff University with a master’s in data science and analytics. This allowed me to work on projects ranging from data visualisation, machine learning, data analytics, time series and forecasting among many others. In terms of industry experience, I have also previously worked in data analysis on a tax fraud project as well as being a software developer on a digitisation project. 

I am from Accra in Ghana where I grew up with my parents, brothers and sister. I spent most of my life in Ghana until last year when I started studying in Wales. Being in London is like nothing I have experienced before – it’s exciting and buzzy, but I also miss being around my family and making music in our mini-orchestra. I’m a cellist. Life seems like an adventure just now, and it is also giving me an opportunity to spend time with my friends and family who live here. Adam and Sean have built a great culture at Accomplish and I am quietly confident that I will be an integral member of the team. I am eager to be a part of this and to help our clients stand out from the crowd through the experiences they provide to their own clients.

Jonathan Attoh

Jonathan Attoh

Data scientist experienced in identifying patterns, making interpretations, and conveying findings. Software engineer.