good asset management CX

What good asset management CX looks like

This blog concludes our series on the fundamentals of CX by exploring what good asset management CX looks like. At Accomplish, we believe firms need to be client-led, they need to maintain a holistic and deliberate CX capability, and they need to either do something extraordinary or be forgotten. We finish by pulling together from across the blog series the competitive, financial, and logical reasons for maintaining a deliberate CX capability.

Why asset management CX

Why asset management CX? And why now?

Survival requires differentiation and, for asset managers, the old ways have become unreliable. To address the root cause, firms should shift from being ‘product-led’ to ‘client-led’ and redress any internal imbalance. CX is here to stay and it’s a good thing: you will get what YOU want, by helping clients get what THEY want.

CX in a B2B environment

B2B client experience (CX) is different to B2C

As individuals, our transactions with B2C firms have taught us to expect outstanding client experience (CX). However, CX in a B2B relationship has additional features to it over and above B2C and they make B2B CX more complicated and protracted, but still entirely achievable if you use an appropriate model.

How client experience works

How client experience works

CX operates on the emotional level where, when it comes to decisions about buying, staying and to consuming more, a good experience is forgettable and only the extraordinary counts. This is a huge opportunity for those asset managers who are ready to seize it.

What is Client Experience

What is client experience?

Client experience is a client’s overall impression of you as a supplier. It is personal, subjective, open to influence, sometimes irrational, and subject to change as a result of any and every interaction they have with your firm. We advocate deliberate ‘expectation-setting’ and ‘sweating the small stuff’ as well as glory projects.

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