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Our latest milestone – 1,500 trees

our latest milestone -1,500 trees

We are thrilled to announce that our Nurturing the Future project has hit its latest milestone – 1,500 trees planted! Since July last year, we have donated a proportion of our income to planting trees in honor of our clients. And we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a round-up of its achievements so far and next milestone.

In October, we passed our first milestone of planting 500 trees in California where our intention is to contribute to restoring the hundreds of millions of trees lost in recent years to wildfires.

Our latest milestone of 1,500 trees

So, where are all these trees? And why did we choose to support certain reforestation projects?

In the UK, we have planted several groves of trees in England and Scotland where they are cleaning air, providing dwelling places for wildlife, and helping our fellow citizens reconnect with nature. We specifically like to support projects that plant mixes of native tree species, transforming open hillsides into healthy woodlands.

In Canada, our trees are helping restore the landscape in British Columbia after the Hanceville fire of 2017 burned over 590,000 acres of forest. The fire also impacted the soil, ecosystems, wildlife, water quality, and local communities’ ability to feed themselves. What we particularly like about this re-treeing project is that it aims to not just re-establish the forests, but to also plant species that will be resilient in the face of climate change.

In Japan, we have planted trees through an amazing conservation project that is creating a society where forests and people coexist.

In the Appalachian region across multiple American states, our trees are helping some of the richest temperate forests in the world recover from coal mining. Check out the video above to see this amazing project in action.

And, lastly, across the rest of the USA, we have increased our support for projects that are un-doing the negative impacts of Californian wildfires on communities, wildlife, and air quality. We are helping to counteract deforestation in Oregon where, since 2000, an area of trees six times larger than the city of Portland has been cut down. And we are contributing to forestry projects that aim to improve the quality of Florida’s air and water.

Our next milestone: 3,000 trees

As Sean, Jon, and I look to the future, we are excited about the next milestone we have set for the project. Not only does it help us balance the needs of the present and the future (just as our investment management clients do with the assets they manage), but it also creates opportunities for us to research and choose new reforestation projects around the world, and to celebrate each time we get to update the tree counter on our home page!

Wish us luck!

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