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Why care about CX?

Leading-edge asset management CX research

As a discipline, CX is still in its infancy. This is particularly the case in the B2B asset management industry, where it has been under-researched and has been open, therefore, to misunderstanding.

At Accomplish, we are changing this with leading-edge asset management CX research designed first to explain why asset managers need to care about CX, and second to create ground-breaking solutions to industry wide issues. 

We achieve this by combining three things: our command of unique and powerful benchmarking data, our privileged position in the Asset Management CX Community, and our lack of conflict of interest as a pure-play benchmarking company.

Lastly, in our experience, when a CX initiative fails, it is not because of lack of technical aptitude– it is because of knowledge, strategy, and culture. So, please enjoy exploring our website, and please contact us if you have any questions about our asset management CX research.

Why care about CX?

  • Bargaining power has shifted to clients.
  • 75% of asset managers are not ready.
  • On average, the foundations are not in place.
  • Yet, laying them is possible and the early movers are seizing opportunities.
  • What are the industry-wide issues?
  • How did investment clients’ needs change?
  • What does this mean for CX?
  • How are asset managers responding?

Solutions to industry-wide issues

These are the outputs of peer-group R&D performed through the Asset Management CX Forum

  • The extent, nature, and range of functionalities firms were providing
  • Where to replicate? Where to improve? And where to generate entirely new value?
Asset management CX training

Digital CX (in-flight)

  • Starting points and next moves
  • Making your digital journey stand out
  • Stimulating adoption and engagement
  • Behavioural indicators of opportunity or risk
  • Best practice taxonomy of CX metrics.
  • Compare, predict, and influence your effect on your clients’ behaviour.
  • How are asset managers listening to their institutional clients and flexing accordingly?
  • What is working well and less well?
  • A minority are gaining strategic value.
  • Why? What are they doing differently?