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Asset management CX research

CX in the B2B asset management industry is critically under-researched and, therefore, mis-understood. We are addressing this by performing targeted research into the industry-level issues highlighted by our benchmarking. Our aim is to provide our member firms practical solutions that they may implement and tailor to their needs.

  • Segmentation is about your clients’ needs and tiering is about yours. The difference matters.
  • Together with client journeys, you can make your business feel like a natural home for your clients as well as target your most valuable relationships.
  • This research unearthed how asset managers were doing this and how a minority of asset managers were gaining strategic value.
  • How did clients’ needs change as a result of COVID-19?
  • What were asset managers’ immediate responses?
  • What does this mean for client experience (CX)?
  • What’s the direction of travel?
  • What will firms need for the journey ahead?
  • The characteristics of an effective CX strategy
  • How to diagnose your situation and where to start
  • Generic CX strategies for common situations

Effective CX governance will make sense of the experience you have given your clients by measuring actual observable effects (KXIs) and comparing them the causes (key performance indicators).

  • How firms are defining CX and allocating accountability
  • How and why they are measuring CX
  • How well they feel it is going and why
  • The state of CX in the industry
  • How your firm compares
  • What you can do about it

70% of change initiatives fail. Find out how you can stack the odds in your favour.

What we do

  • Influencing and contributing to industry developments is a fundamental activity within Accomplish
  • We have a data analytics capability and an active plan of industry-wide research. We publish our findings freely.
  • We accept commissions for bespoke CX research

Why this makes Accomplish a good choice

  • Command of the latest data gives us the edge to be ‘relevant, brief, and gone’
  • Looking at topics through the lens of R&D ensures the solutions we develop are grounded in the ‘art of the possible’
  • Our support for the CX Forum keeps our research both applicable and at the emerging edge of CX

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