asset management client tenure

Case study: A scientific approach to asset management client tenure

You always want average client tenure to go up, right? Wrong. As economic clouds gather, asset managers are focusing on how they will keep their clients. But, bluntly, your organization can only be half-serious about retaining clients unless it measures and interprets the age of their relationships. That’s where the Behavioral Benchmark performs an essential function and, at Accomplish, we are pleased to share this 5-step framework for managing the dynamics of tenure data.

Case study: align your BI with your business planning

Is your BI ready to support next year’s business plan? The Behavioral Benchmark is a new business intelligence (BI) tool that ‘early adopter’ asset managers are now using to solve real-world problems. This case study is one of a series that demonstrates the value of incorporating client behavior into your business planning.

New behavioral analytics capabilities

New behavioral analytics capabilities

Asset managers are now exploiting new behavioral analytics capabilities. They are being enabled by previously unavailable business intelligence from the Behavioral Benchmark as its time series lengthens. There are commercial implications to these new developments – click here to learn more.

behavior-driven distribution strategy

The behavior-driven distribution strategy

The annual planning season will soon be upon us but as Mike Tyson put it, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Will you set yourself up to respond to the punches more effectively than your competitors? A behavior-driven distribution strategy is a cost-effective way to achieve this in a volatile environment: exploit relationships between client behaviors across segments, markets, and competitors.

Regional differences in client behavior

Regional differences in client behavior

Geographic location influences behavior, so asset managers are now comparing regional differences in client behavior. This is enabling them to optimise the alignment between their internal structures and geographic differences in their behavioral results.

alleviate clients’ survey fatigue

Alleviate clients’ survey fatigue

Instead of just giving clients more empty boxes to fill, analyze their experiences without disrupting them, consult them in an informed way, and discuss your findings and plans with them. Why? Because they are inundated with requests for feedback and it results in a poor experience for them and incomplete business intelligence for the asset manager. This article explains how you can alleviate clients’ survey fatigue with behavioral benchmarking

climate-related client behaviors

ESG-related client behaviors

ESG-related considerations have already changed the way asset owners behave towards asset managers. International frameworks are driving these behavioral changes, making them ‘benchmarkable’. Accomplish’s next project will identify current and future ESG-related client behaviors, and how asset managers are responding.

Asset Management CX Forum

Asset Management CX Forum

For almost 3 years, Accomplish has provided the Asset management CX Forum as an R&D capability for the industry. One output has been the Behavioral Benchmark that has made CX a measurable and tangible discipline, and its users have become like an inner circle of the forum. In response to growing demand, we have decided to focus our efforts entirely on the benchmark and to step back from the forum. We are excited about the possibilities – check out how you can stay involved and how the benchmark could complete your firm’s business intelligence.