ROI of business intelligence

The ROI of business intelligence

Staff in asset management firms are under renewed pressure to do more with less, yet they already had almost no spare bandwidth. Here are some real-world examples of 2022 efficiency initiatives that do not involve further cuts to bandwidth. This is the second blog in Accomplish’s two-part series on the ROI of business intelligence (BI).

Behavioral Benchmark FAQs

Behavioral Benchmark FAQs

So far this year, starting from the core design group, the number of asset management firms in the new Behavioral Benchmark has doubled.

This has created lots of opportunities for us to understand the common questions people ask when considering joining the benchmark.

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions.

Accomplish behavioral analytics platform

The Accomplish behavioral analytics platform

See your end-to-end effect relative to peers on whether clients are buying, staying, or buying more. Identify your highest priorities, greatest strategic opportunities, and biggest challenges. And then drill down into specific metrics, interact with the data, and leverage independent expert interpretations.

Benchmark of Intermediary Client Behavior

Announcing the Benchmark of Intermediary Client Behavior

The benchmark of asset management client behavior goes to the heart of whether institutional clients are buying, staying, or buying more. But intermediary clients have different buyers, influencers, and goals, so Accomplish is working with a quorum of firms on the launch of a twin benchmark of intermediary client behavior focussed on wholesale and advisory relationships.

asset management client tenure

Case study: A scientific approach to asset management client tenure

You always want average client tenure to go up, right? Wrong. As economic clouds gather, asset managers are focusing on how they will keep their clients. But, bluntly, your organization can only be half-serious about retaining clients unless it measures and interprets the age of their relationships. That’s where the Behavioral Benchmark performs an essential function and, at Accomplish, we are pleased to share this 5-step framework for managing the dynamics of tenure data.

cost-effective business intelligence

The most cost-effective business intelligence on the market?

Here’s part 1 of a blog series on the ROI of BI – if you are involved in 2023 planning, you will need the best business intelligence (BI) and frequent updates in case you need to adjust your direction. And you will need it to deliver a return on investment (ROI) as you justify all spending. In this first blog, we present the asset management Behavioral Benchmark as the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Case study: align your BI with your business strategy

Is your business intelligence (BI) fit-for-purpose? Client behavior is the reliable indicator of demand, which is why the Behavioral Benchmark is helping leading asset managers solve real-world problems, like how to get clients to buy, stay, and buy more. This case study explores ‘staying’ and ‘buying more’, and records an asset manager’s journey to being able to measure and compare demand in the real world.

New behavioral analytics capabilities

New behavioral analytics capabilities

Asset managers are now exploiting new behavioral analytics capabilities. They are being enabled by previously unavailable business intelligence from the Behavioral Benchmark as its time series lengthens. There are commercial implications to these new developments – click here to learn more.

behavior-driven distribution strategy

The behavior-driven distribution strategy

The annual planning season will soon be upon us but as Mike Tyson put it, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Will you set yourself up to respond to the punches more effectively than your competitors? A behavior-driven distribution strategy is a cost-effective way to achieve this in a volatile environment: exploit relationships between client behaviors across segments, markets, and competitors.

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