asset management client experience benchmark

The asset management client experience benchmark

If 1) you define client engagement as ‘time given’ plus ‘money spent’ and 2) you underperform at engaging clients, by definition, they will give their time to your competitors … and then their money too. This makes client engagement a vital battleground. The Client Behavior Benchmark is THE benchmark of institutional client engagement. Read on to discover 1) how to win the battle for client engagement in 3 moves, 2) who rates the Benchmark, and 3) how you can join the new wave of firms via a free trial.

UK Investment Association’s FinTech accelerator features the Client Behavior Benchmark

The IAEngine is the UK Investment Association’s FinTech accelerator, and it was Accomplish’s privilege to be its featured FinTech across the month of April 2024. Thank you to Henry Bewley and the whole team at the IA Engine for showcasing the Client Behavior Benchmark. Watch the video to discover our answers to Henry’s three questions: 1) what does the Benchmark let asset managers do that they couldn’t do before, 2) how did this unique new capability come about, and 3) what should asset managers do now?

Exclusive consulting partnerships

At Accomplish, we recognize that some asset managers may need support, whether with developing and implementing strategies to respond to their Client Behavior Benchmark results, or with organizing their client behavior data.
To meet this need, Accomplish maintains exclusive behavioral consulting partnerships with Baringa and KWP Consulting.

Asset management client engagement playbooks

Asset management client engagement playbooks

Can you name 7 behavioral biases you should incorporate into your sales funnel? And what is the behavioral science behind a 5-level client retention strategy? To give firms a new competitive edge, Accomplish has launched two ground-breaking playbooks that show asset managers HOW they can outperform at engaging clients while, at the same time, giving them a better experience.

Why asset managers should measure client behavior image

Why asset managers should measure client behavior

Actions speak louder than words, so asset managers should measure client behavior to focus their organization on what matters most (which is whether or not clients buy, stay, or buy more), and what you can do to stimulate client behavior. In contrast, humans are tricky creatures, so you cannot rely fully on what they say. This makes actions, not words, the reliable indicator of demand and, therefore, it makes client behavior data the perfect business intelligence: meaningful, commercial, and professional.

Dollarizable asset management business intelligence 

There are two types of indicators of client behavior – leading and lagging ones – and this article focuses on the 3 lagging indicators. For the investment industry, they are ‘buying’ (sales conversion), ‘staying’ (client retention), and ‘buying more’ (products-per-client). These behaviors involve transfers of money, which gives them the rare feature of being dollarizable because they – and only they – pay the bills. If they point the wrong way for too long, the situation could become life-threatening for the organization, which makes them a vital component of your institutional asset management business intelligence.

Commercially actionable insights from data you already own

Commercially actionable client insights from data that is already in your systems

In this article, we define three levels of client insights and describe the opportunity gained from exploiting each one. We go on to explain how this sort of business intelligence will separate winners from losers and how the data you need for it is already in your marketing and CRM systems. As a result, you can now be more discerning about paying a premium for client insights from an external provider’s black box.

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