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ESG Investor showcases our ESG client behaviors research

We are pleased that ESG Investor has showcased our ESG client behaviors research. “As their sustainable investment priorities evolve, institutional and intermediary clients will increasingly grill asset managers”, displaying a greater prevalence of category 6 and 7 behaviors. Or, in plain English, fund managers should prepare for more challenge.

As Dan Atkinson from ESG Investor points out, “this could manifest itself in institutional and intermediary clients focusing more on solutions that demonstrably deliver positive real-world outcomes, informed by a theory of change, and seeking explanations of investment relevance.”

We certainly hope so … what have they been doing up until now? Read the report to find out.

Accomplish’s credentials

Our Behavioral Benchmark enables asset managers to measure, compare, and predict client behavior. Why? Because what humans do is a more reliable indicator of demand than what they say.

Our ESG client behaviors research was different. Whereas the benchmark measures known behaviors on an ongoing basis – like buying, staying, and buying more – the ESG research identified previously undocumented client behaviors as a one-off piece of primary authoritative research.

The findings are important because they shed light on the nature of clients’ demand for ESG investment products and services and raise the potential for this to change. They were well-received under discussion with all parties at the London Business School.

Key findings

Accomplish’s ESG client behaviors research identified, categorized, and assessed how institutional and intermediary clients are acting in relation to ESG today.

This shed light on the nature of clients’ demand for products and services, and how it changes as they gain experience. This raised the potential for demand to change in a way that could present strategic opportunities and threats for asset management firms.

Firms will need skills and budget to serve the needs of greater volumes of experienced clients, and their product strategies may also need to evolve. We recommend they perform a SWOT analysis against a particular page in the report.

Why you should act

Because actions speak louder than words: client behaviors indicate demand, so you should align your ESG investment proposition with the direction of travel of expected future demand.

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